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Push Your Platform

My goal is to help you create or improve your social media platform.

Why the push for a platform?  
What good will it do you once it sizzles?

Aside from the obvious - promoting and selling your business - you can learn to monetize the platform itself. There are many ways to do this, but as seems to be the case with most everything social-media-related, none of them are easy or quick.  
You can do it though.

A slow and steady approach is best. Don't try too many things at once. Implement new things one at a time, and allow yourself some time to learn and grow in that area before moving on to the next thing. 

This may sound like it contradicts the last paragraph, but at the same time, you need to be light on your feet. Stay flexible  and connected to others. Pay attention to what they're doing and learn from it. Resources, rules, and methods can change daily in this business and you'll need to stay abreast of the changes so that you can make informed decisions.
I challenge you to answer the following questions about your business:
What is my focus?
How am I different?
Who are my customers?
What content will they find useful?
Brainstorm unusual ways to create and deliver content to your platform. 
Keep a list of ideas for your content.
Do something everyday to push forward.
Take a gander at the work of Amanda Krantz. She hails from Melbourne, Australia. You can read her bio here
Got a hankering for culture critique, current events, or commentary? It's Worden's Cultural Deconstruction that you're feening for.

Patrick Worden has also got some terrific books out there and you can have this one for free
Not sure what to use for your content?  If you are featured at I&A or More Ink, you can use the link to your feature on your pages and sites. That's part of the purpose of this and it's why I notify you each time. And don't forget, the point of providing great content is ultimately because you want to attract and build a loyal and active network. How do you do that? Interact with them. Drop by when your work is featured and chat people. Click to visit their pages and pay them a genuine compliment. Bottom line - work hard on cultivating relationships.
Blog. I  heard the collective groan all the way over here. I know you don't want to, but one way to provide content throughout your platform is to regularly write blog posts, and then post links throughout your platform. Become a better blogger:
There are now so many terrific featured artists and writers that I have opted not to list them individually here. Instead, I invite you to visit my website to get inspired by all of this wonderfulness. I'm in the process of revamping the site. I hope you like it.  In addition to the lists, you'll now find new libraries of features which I'm still in the process of  building. 
What's the number one rule for making money online?

Some ways to turn your platform into cold, hard cash:
The Simplified Plan
  1. Build a platform
  2. Attract a network
  3. Crosslink everything
  4. Add some ads
  5. Make some money
If you're in the ABQ area, join me for a workshop. For my long-distance friends, there are resources available on my website. I'm adding to these all the time and would love to hear your suggestions and needs. Email me!
The quickest way to learn is by experience. Get out there and try things yourself. Learn from others. I've gathered a whole bunch of like-minded people together. There is strength in numbers. Go see what they're doing and emulate that.

Click here if you're a writer. 
Click here if you're an artist.
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