What's happening at Ink & Alchemy in 2013?

The answer?  A lot!

2013 is going to be a fantastic year for Ink & Alchemy and I'm pleased that you've decided to join me.

This month, I hosted the first I&A workshop - Social Media for Creative People.  It was wildly successful, but as with so many other things in life, it didn't turn out exactly as I had planned. First, the topic was too broad. Secondly, I needed to find a way to include I&A fans from all over the globe, rather than limiting it to those in my local area.

Bam!   I&A Creative Podcasts were born. I will be producing an on-going series of short videos which address individual topics related to promoting your creative works and maintaining that oh-so-important momentum.  You can view the introduction here. Expect to see new episodes about once a week. Upcoming topics:

  • Do you even NEED a social media platform?
  • Build a website 
  • Organize your sites without letting it take over your life
  • Tactics to gain (and keep) FB fans

I'm open to suggestions!  Drop me an e-mail.

Also new for 2013 is the monthly newsletter. All featured artists are automatically included in the mailing list and others may sign up here. Each issue will include a list of featured artists from the previous month, as well as I&A updates, and a collection of useful links and tips.

A permanent, running list of Ink & Alchemy Featured Artists is maintained on my blog and is updated on a weekly basis.  If you are a featured artist, please take a moment to check your link to ensure that I am using your preferred website.  Contact me by e-mail with updates. 


Change is important and will enable you to grow as a writer or an artist. Embrace it. Think about how you currently work and come up with 3 completely different ways to do it.  Do you write at your computer?  Try sitting in a comfy chair with a pen and notebook. Do you usually paint with acrylics? Dig out your pastels and go crazy!  Allow yourself to create with no expectation or pressure. The final result doesn't have to be fantastic, it just needs to be different. Don't be surprised if exciting, fresh ideas are the result.
Been a featured artist (FA) for awhile but haven't seen your work pop up yet?  It might be that your work doesn't readily lend itself to being featured. Once permission is granted to use a person's work, I generally use images available online.  If the only images available are small,  low resolution, or those which have right clicks disabled, it takes more time and decreases the likelihood of  being featured. Time is my mortal enemy and you can help me in this epic battle by e-mailing me suitable images to make it easier for all concerned. 
E-mail Robin
Some useful links I've run across this month:
Recommended reading:
Featured Artists
December, 2012 
Featured Writer
December, 2012 
I plan to highlight more writers in 2013. If you have ideas about how I can effectively incorporate this,  please let me know.
This month, make a point to visit the featured artist links above. Connect with them on FB, Twitter, or Pinterest. Follow their blogs. Make your creative world a little bigger. If you know anyone who could use a daily dose of art and inspiration, share this newsletter with them. Finally, if you have suggestions for Featured Artists or Writers, please send 'em my way.
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