Attn: Important Email For all Precinct Captains

Grassroots Activist Announces Her Candidacy

Cynthia Busch is asking Precinct Captains for your vote for Democratic Executive Committee Chair on December 9.

From Cynthia Busch:

President Obama has said, "Change is hard," but we all know a secure future and forward progress are worth fighting for. Nowhere is this more important than right here in Florida, right here in Broward County, right now. It is up to US to BE that change. In order for the people's work to be done we must build an effective, respected and energetic election organization.  That is why I am running to lead the Broward County Democratic Party into the 21st century.

What is change? Change in America is a government that works for the middle class instead of just the wealthy and powerful special interests. Change is electing politicians who work to transform a system that is rigged against hard-working Americans. Right here in Broward County, change means a Democratic Party that is modern, organized, and transparent. It means a party that is no longer reliant solely on the blood, sweat, and tears of volunteers to Get Out the Vote.  It means a party that uses all of the tools, especially an effective Chairperson, to build the party and empower Broward Democrats to organize around the issues and candidates who best represent us and our future.

As many of you know and have seen in action, I have assembled a broad network of individuals who are ready to make this change a reality on Day 1 of my first term as Chair of the DEC. I have demonstrated the leadership skills to fashion a party that produces the electoral results we want as Democrats and need as Americans.  I and many other volunteers have spent the last several election cycles organizing from our homes, from our cars, in front of libraries and courthouses and by building a team that supports each others’ efforts. I have brought together DEC, OFA, faith based and Union volunteers in a team effort to support our mutual election goals. And I have a specific plan of action to lead us to become the Florida party we need to be.

As Chair of the Broward DEC I will:

1) Revamp our communications systems, including our website, email communications, social media, and mailers

2) Refocus on party-building by maintaining an accurate voter database, re-establishing issue-based committees, and making human contact and interaction the heart and soul of the party

3) Rebuild the trust needed to raise the funds which are required to build and maintain a sustainable 21st century political party

4) Open an office that is utilized to support, launch, and elect Democrats and that will re-unite our many eager and hardworking volunteers.

5) Strengthen, expand and enhance Democratic Clubs, the backbone of a successful local party

6) Recruit and empower leaders who reflect our community to be part of the decision making of our party

7) Be open and accessible to the ideas and concerns of others

8) Have no conflicts, special interests, or goals other than to the Democratic Party and elect Democrats

Mitch Caesar has been Chair of the party for the past 16 years. He may be knowledgeable on the issues and charismatic on TV.  He may do well as a spokesperson, but his tenure as chairman has been rocky at times, divisive and has not lived up to expectations when it comes to election outcomes. This is most obvious by the still-painful loss of the governorship to Rick Scott in 2010.  More importantly, as many of you know, his leadership has severely divided the volunteers who are the heart and soul of any election campaign.  A divided party is simply not effective or desirable. I will invite ALL of our volunteers to share their ideas and goals and I will work hard to help them get out the vote.

The measure of the effectiveness of a leader is not how they perform during the best of circumstances, but during times of struggle. 2012 was a banner year for Democrats around the country and even right here in Florida. However, Broward County still under-performed and once again our deep blue county was dead-last in voter turnout.  This is simply unacceptable and cannot continue. As most of you are aware, this same problem is partly responsible for Rick Scott winning the 2010 election and is why we are living with the horrific consequences of our county's poor showing. It is evident just how damaging this was not only in Governor Scott's decimation of our already struggling elementary and secondary school systems or his slamming the door on high-speed rail and construction jobs, but also his draconian voter suppression regime, and his outright rejection of Obamacare and the healthcare reforms so desperately needed by Seniors, students, and everyone in between.

Our party failed in 2010 and although we had a great success this year we have OFA, and individual candidates’ campaigns to thank for much of the result. Our volunteers and candidates again lacked coordinated leadership and support from the current DEC Chairman. Our future as a state and a people took a severe hit in 2010. This cannot happen again. 

Democrats are fired up and ready to go for big change in 2014. A movement has grown in Florida to replace Governor Scott. But we, in Broward County, can no longer rely on general enthusiasm and a last-minute GOTV scramble to carry us over the finish line. We must stand up, we must organize, and we must fight every single day for every single vote like never before. It is imperative that we are not only a part of that effort, but that we lead it. We, the Broward County Democrats, must BE the change. We must bring that change together. And we must do so -- starting today -- by lifting the Broward DEC out of the 1990s and into the 21st century. The best way to make this happen is to work together to embrace change at the top of the party so we can build a movement that is ready to win the 2014 election, the 2016 election, the 2018 election, and beyond.

As Mr. Caesar is fond of saying, we may be outspent but we will never be outworked. However, we must go further. We must fully support those who are doing the work.  And we must not only out-work our opponents, we must out-build them. That is the key to the future. Years down the road, when we look back at the success we have had in Broward County, we should be proud of our leadership, we should be proud that we took the difficult step of embracing change, and we should celebrate the fact that, yes, WE BUILT THAT!

Please join me so we can start building that future by electing me Chair of the Broward Democratic Executive Committee.  Email me at, call me at 954-829-2490, or find me on Facebook. We have work to do. The time is now.  I need your vote and your support so together we can improve our party, community and state.

Thank You,

Cynthia Busch

PS The DEC election is tentatively scheduled for Sunday December 9th!  However, no time or place has been given to us, so please look for emails from me in the future.


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