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Celebrating 15 Years of The Trucker Series

Trucker trailer access ladders have always been safety engineered with three points of contact and slip resistant tread.  Over the years we have adapted the ladder to respond to unique customer requirements while further improving safety and durability. In 2014 we are excited to celebrate 15 years of Trucker ladders and IAS company growth, made possible by a focus on safety and strong customer relationships.

Today the Trucker series of ladders, storage racks and work platforms is capable of equipping most any truck fleet with fall protection equipment that is convenient, versatile and durable. After securing an initial 300 lb. ANSI rating in 1999, we have improved the mounting hooks, trailer flexibility, and increased the ANSI rating to 375 lbs for our ladders. Our Flatbed Work Platforms are ANSI rated to 3,000 lbs and we offer lockable storage racks.  This growth is in large part a result of relationships with customers that were willing to share their needs and provide us with the opportunity to meet them.  

Trucker Trailer Access Ladders and Platforms in the field

We would like to thank our loyal customer base for helping us achieve the goal of making The Trucker an established and respected name in trucking fall protection safety. Having recently secured a trademark for The Trucker Series, we are looking forward to 15 more years and beyond.  

And we invite you to celebrate with us by offering a 15% discount on Trucker ladders and storage racks at the IAS website. Simply apply Coupon Code TRUCKER15 in your online cart prior to June 30 to receive the promotional discount.


Trucker I + Ladder Storage Rack at 20% Total Discount Price

 Trucker Ladder Storage Rack Combos
Truckers love the convenience of a lockable Storage Rack designed specially for the Trucker I ladder. Purchase both in tandem for a 20% total price discount.

The Shelf Storage Rack Combo provides two support arms and a mountable base for storing a Trucker ladder and is a popular under trailer mounting option. The Upright Storage Rack Combo bolts to the headboard, headache rack, behind the cab or on the front of a trailer. 
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Celebrate 15 Years of Trucker with a 15% Discount

Coupon Code: TRUCKER15  Discount applies to a single Trucker ladder, ladder storage rack, or work platform order online. 
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