Trucking Industry Safety Review.  The Trucker ladders ANSI rated as Extra Heavy Duty.  New IAS Brochure and Mounting Bracket.  
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Trucking Industry Safety

Innovative Access Solutions started as a division of Site-Safe Products, a highway safety products distributor, to produce and distribute Trucker ladders. Although we have since broadened our product selection to include marine access and access solutions for any industry, we haven't forgotten our roots in Highway Safety. 

In February, much of our client base is in the midst of winter weather conditions that increase slip and fall incidents, reduce dexterity, and generally lead to safety risks. Our suggestion?  Grab a cup of coffee and review a few links that help prevent falls and other trucking industry injuries. Remember that slips and falls often occur during routine daily activities while drivers are accessing the trailer or cab. Tarping, securing freight, loading, and unloading each present additional hazards including falling freight, musculoskeletal injuries, and passing vehicles or the truck itself.  To increase trucking safety on and off your work site, consider The Trucker ladders and Mobile Work Platforms.  


TMA Trucks for Sale or Lease

TMA Trucks for Sale
Site-Safe Products, LLC provides fully equipped TMA Trucks for Sale across the country. Non-CDL Trucks equipped with Trinity MPS-350 attenuators available for sale or lease. Contact Site-Safe for More Information about TMA Trucks


Steel Mounting Bracket Option for The Trucker™ Ladders

Trucker Ladder Mounted with Steel Bracket Trucker Mounted with Steel Bracket
Did you know? IAS now offers a Steel Bracket for mounting The Trucker™ Series of Ladders on trailers without stake pockets or available rub rail. The steel bracket can optionally be bolted to the trailer for a more permanent mounting position. Call (800) 388-6884 to learn more!
Trucker Ladders ANSI Rated as Extra Heavy Duty Industrial

The Trucker™ Series of Ladders ANSI Rated as Extra Heavy Duty

The maximum ANSI rating for portable metal ladders is Type IAA Special Duty, described as Extra Heavy Duty Industrial. In 2013, The Trucker ladders were upgraded from Type IA to Type IAA for maximum durability.  [Read More]
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Truck Trailer Access Safety

The Trucker™ ladders provide safety features including 3 points of contact, slip resistant tread, and ANSI rated weight support.  
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Safety & Numbers Blog

Reviewing Workers Comp

New Business Owner? Review the basics of Worker's Comp Insurance. Employer and employee benefit and premium calculation factors.  [Read More]
IAS Product Catalog

New! 2014 IAS Product Catalog

Review The Trucker™ Series of Ladders, Flatbed Work Platforms, IAS Marine Access, Custom Access Products and more. Download the 2014 IAS Product Catalog
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