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Reviewing Custom Access in 2014

At IAS we take pride in our ability to design custom access products that improve safety at work facilities in a manner that is convenient and productive. In 2014 we were able to expand into new industries and product applications including excavating equipment access, rail transportation, even residential.

IAS Custom Access Products

These new projects are of course in addition to industry applications including gangways and storage access for marine transportation, manufacturing equipment access, multi-level access and crossover ladders. We invite you to visit our Custom Access Product Gallery to review our selection of products.
If you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your custom access needs, call us at (800) 388-6884 to discuss access safety at your work facility.

Cone Placement Platform for TMA Trucks
Site-Safe Truck Sales can equip TMA Trucks with a Cone Placement platform.

We are excited to announce are most recent available enhancement for Site-Safe TMA Trucks, a Cone Placement Platform that mounts to the rub rail of the trailer to simplify construction work zone setup.
Visit Site-Safe Truck Sales to browse TMA Trucks. 

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Trucker Trailer Access

Trucker® 10% Extra Heavy Duty Discount

Coupon Code: NEWS10  Discount applies to one Trucker ladder, storage rack, or ladder/rack combo. 
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ITS for Work Zone Safety

ITS Systems are an integral component to roadway safety and homeland security. In a recent blog post we explain about what they are and how they affect construction work zone safety 
An Intro to ITS

Infographics from CCOHS
At the Safety & Numbers work safety blog, we search for and find stuff worth reading. Check out our latest treasure trove of work safety resources.
What We Found in December
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