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Have a Slip Resistant Winter with Trucker®

You know how The Trucker® trailer access products offer fall protection via 3 points of contact and an ergonomic diagonal staircase design? Well one thing we haven't talked about as much is the slip-resistant tread that is particularly beneficial in winter weather.

Our 'Wide Grip Strut' tread actually provides two fall protection benefits. First, it channels water off the step, so that rain or melted snow is less likely to freeze. Secondly, the wide plank steps feature safety-engineered tread that creates the necessary friction to keep your shoes in place while ascending the ladder.

Trucker Ladder Slip Resistant Tread

Our Wide Grip Strut tread is not only standard on Trucker ladders, but also available on our flatbed trailer work platforms or custom access safety products.
Call (800) 388-6884 or visit us online to order a Trucker ladder and have a slip-resistant winter.

Build a TMA Truck
Site-Safe Truck Sales is the most recent truck fleet that equips their flatbeds with the Trucker I trailer ladder.

The best thing about Site-Safe Truck Sales is not simply that they will customize your truck to meet your safety requirements or specifications. It's that they do so at a competitive price and deliver the it to your door.
Trucker Trailer Access

Trucker® 10% Extra Heavy Duty Discount

Coupon Code: NEWS10  Discount applies to one Trucker ladder, storage rack, or ladder/rack combo. 
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The 2015 Budget: Injury Prevention Strategy for Safety Risk Management

Injury Prevention & Safety Risk Management

Are you motivated to invest in safety in 2014?  Budgeting is not always fun.  Get a jump start on your work safety budget with help from our blog. 
Budgeting for Prevention

Ladder Safety Training, Top 10 OSHA Citations, ANSI Ratings
Introducing a new, valuable yet unambitious monthly blog post
As a work safety blog, we search for and find stuff worth reading. Now we won't just summarize, compare, or expand on the good stuff.  We'll share too.
What We Found in October
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