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We're cheering for you!  

Yay for the prayers and financial support you give to keep us here at Faith Academy!  Thank you!  

Holy Week is the second largest holiday in the Philippines.  Last night a million people pilgrimaged to the Catholic church in our suburb, visiting stations of the cross along with way.  We, too, have been taking a "Journey to Holy Week" with our church on the last few Sundays, dispelling many unique myths about the last days before Christ's death.  

Some Filipinos believe that because God is dead on the Saturday before Easter and cannot come to your aid, it is best you stay at home to avoid injury.  Some even advise not to take a bath on Friday!  Catholic TV and radio stations are off the air, and in one province, there will be actual crucifixions along with reenactments.  

Through teaching the children of missionaries and enabling ministries such as pastoral training and church planting, we are indirectly dispelling unBiblical truth such as this.  We again THANK YOU for your financial support that enables us to be here!  

In the picture above, we're with Roberta's parents and celebrating Faith's newly constructed playing field, Roberta’s 
dad's primary job for the past year.  The field is a long-anticipated and needed blessing, as the original field is small and becomes a muddy mess during rainy season. 

Monia (far left) and 8th grade friends.  We thank the Lord for the positive influences in her life.  This year she found a niche in the Academic Bowl club and enjoyed competing twice against other international schools.   Her area of specialty is literature, much to her mother's delight!  
We marvel at Olivia Zahra’s tireless energy.  As a varsity girls' basketball player, she went to Hong Kong for a tournament with other Christian schools in Asia, only fueling her passion for international travel.  At last week's track meet she broke the school record in the 3000, and a few weeks from now she will be on stage in the school production of "Into the Woods."  THANK YOU for your gifts toward tuition which provide such quality experiences.  
Chloe plays at a recent visit to Rehoboth orphanage.  Chloe's 7th grade Bible teacher has made a lasting imprint on her spiritual life and has motivated her to read the Bible like never before.  Designing the middle school pages in the yearbook in an after school club has given her valuable computer skills.  She is also no longer the shortest girl in her class!  :) 
As much as I love teaching literature, connecting with students outside the classroom brings deep fulfillment.  As the advisor for National Honor Society, it was thrilling to hear my officers shamelessly declare in our Induction Ceremony that if their achievements in scholarship, leadership, service, and character were not for the glory of God, they were empty achievements.   The parents of these lovely ladies are all involved in full-time ministries both in Manila and greater Asia.  
Trevor, wearing Kuwaiti garb, directs elementary students during the International Week Parade.  This event, a tradition since Roberta was a student at Faith, is a reminder of our unique opportunity to evangelize and disciple students from around the globe, as well as support ministries targeting Filipinos, Koreans, Chinese, and many other nationalities.  

This morning we dyed eggs with five darling kids at a newly opened orphanage nearby.  After the decorating, we hid and hunted plastic eggs with them--a brand new experience for these precious children, each with his or her own story of rescue.  (Can you imagine a six year old who has already lived TWO YEARS on the street? Another one's abusive father was raising him to be a girl, putting make-up on him--a four year old--everyday.) What a joy to fill these little hearts with Jesus's love!  

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Chloe’s daily countdown indicates we’re at 61 days until we depart for the US!  This is the first time in four years that we have been back, and the shopping lists are growing!  (First thing will be American-size shoes and clothes to fit these growing gals!) Arkansas is our first stop, then Ohio, Indiana, California, and W. Canada! See you soon!  

The Maxwells:  Trevor, Roberta, Olivia Zahra, Monia, and Chloe
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