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The International Forum of national NGO Platforms (IFP) brings together over 50 national NGO platforms (NPF) from Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and Oceania and 7 regional coalitions(RC), which together account for more than 10,000 organizations. It was founded at the International conference of NPF in Paris in 2008. The IFP wishes to be a representative network of NGO NPFs and regional coalitions acting at global level in order to contribute to Development, Peace and Justice throughout the world.

The IFP aims to create conditions enabling NGOs to get effectively involved in global governance, so that they can influence international negotiations regarding development, human rights and inter­national solidarity. 2012 was an important year for the IFP’s structuring, with the election of its new Council.  The IFP also reviewed its communication strategy and following this, we are happy to send you the first issue of the IFP’s online newsletter, a quarterly publication.

If you wish to share any information with the IFP members or other actors and include it in the newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also follow us through our website www.ong-ngo.org and Twitter @ong_ngo

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beyond 2015

Beyond 2015 Campaign: The IFP actively involved in national consultations

The Beyond 2015 campaign –which the IFP and MESA are part of- is organizing national consultations in eight Latin American countries: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic and Venezuela. MESA has taken responsibility for ensuring the regional coordination of this national consultations process, as part of its work in the non-governmental diplomacy exercise, "Combating inequalities". >> Read the full article here

IFP participates in the Annual Meeting of the FAO Food Security Council

Over 150 representatives of civil society organizations participated in the 39th session of the World Food Security Council. The council acquired great relevance in the context of global economic crisis, which led to a sharp rise in food prices and replaced the issue of food security on the global agenda, which is related to people’s lives, the health of children and the realization of human rights . 
>> Read the full article here

Organizations and social movements express solidarity with the Palestinian people

Between November 28 and December 1st the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, hosted the Free Palestine World Social Forum, a global meeting that aimed to show the strength of international solidarity with the Palestinian people, and of the actions that promote justice and peace in the region. 
>> Read the full article here

Pacific Regional Consultation for the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness

The Pacific Regional Consultation for the Civil Society Organisations (CSO) Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) was held in Nadi, Republic of the Fiji Islands, from 6-9 November, 2012, attended by 45 representatives from national NGO leaders from Cooks Islands (CICSO), Fiji (FCOSS), Kiribati (KANGO), New Zealand (CID), Niue (NIUANGO), Marshall Islands (MICNGO), Papua New Guinea (CSFPNG), Solomon Islands (DSE), Samoa (SUNGO), Tonga (CSFT) and Tuvalu (TANGO).  
>> Read the full article here

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MESA de Articulación

>> Declaration of VI European-Latin American-Caribbean Forum of Civil Society Organizations, 2012, Santiago

REPAOC Regional Meeting in Ouagadougou

The 12th September 2012 the members of the Network of NGOs National Platforms of  West and Central Africa participated on the annual meeting of the Council of Directors. This event was followed by a regional wo2rkshop on the Cotonou Agreement.
>> Read the article here

Second Board Meeting of NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN)

From the 4th to the 6th November 2012 the NFN organised its second board meeting in Kathmandu. The Agenda was composed by divers subjects. For more information, please consult the NFN’s webpage.


The World Social Forum 2013: Tunis to become the capital of solidarity

by Damian Hazard, ABONG, Brasil
The WSF 2013 in an Arab country will be an opportunity to strengthen joint efforts with these new movements that have emerged in recent years, in opposition to the logic of global capitalism in the region or elsewhere.
>> Read the full article here

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World Social Forum 2013, “Dignity”, Tunis

Tunis, Tunisia
March 26th to 30th, 2013
More information FSM 2013 website

Summit of the Peoples of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe 2013

For social justice, international solidarity and the defense of global commons
25, 26 and 27 January, 2013
Santiago, Chile
Social and political organizations jointly with trade unions have come together to organize the Summit of the Peoples of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe 2013, where the demands and proposals of the mobilized peoples fighting neoliberal policies that seek to annihilate their rights in both  regions, may be heard.
More information at the website Cumbre de los Pueblos Chile

Training: Enhancing quality and accountability in our actions

17 - 22 january 2013
Paris, France
Coordination SUD will organise a training in French on “Enhancing quality and accountability in our actions” from the 17th until the 22nd of January 2013 in Paris. It aims to gather professional humanitarian workers from around the world who are engaged in quality and accountability processes and to develop their capacities in mastering and implementing Q&A initiatives.
More information http://www.coordinationsud.org

1st regional Meeting of Asia Development Alliance (ADA) 

Promote Asian Solidarity for the World We Want- Asian CSO Strategies on Global Development Challenges
Bangkok, Thailand
21 january - 2th february 2013
more information Vani, India website

Bonn Conference: Advancing the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda sustainable development agenda – Reconfirming Rights – Recognizing Limits – Redefining Goals

Bonn, Germany
20-22 March, 2013
This global event will bring together about 250 civil society activists and representatives from key stakeholders in order to draw together civil society inputs into the Sustainable Development and Post-2015 discussions. Funding for a limited number of participants, mainly from developing countries, is available.
You can find more information on the website of Berlin Civil Society Center

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