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Many Ways to Practice

Hello everyone! The subject of personal practice often comes up in Tai Chi classes. Whether we are just beginning or have years under our belt, it’s often helpful to ponder our practice and how we can make it even more beneficial and enjoyable.

I’ve written in the past about the importance of identifying our reasons for practice and to regularly keep them in our awareness: Why is Tai Chi important to you? And what are your goals in practice? Align yourself closely with your why and you will naturally gravitate toward more and more satisfying practice. Make sure your reasons resonate personally and continually connect into what is inspiring and uplifting to you.

It is also beneficial to have a sense of progression in our approach to Tai Chi: where are we starting from and where we are going. This came up recently in a forms class I was teaching. Click to Continue... 

May and June Events

I'm happy to announce a new core principles Tai Chi class and a beginning level pushing hands workshop...  
Beginning Tai Chi: Core Principles and 5-Section Solo Form
This class will focus on understanding the key elements in good Tai Chi practice: posture, breathing, relaxation, and more. We will also explore the popular 5-Section form developed by my teacher, Sam Masich. This form is simple, easy to learn, and can be done in as little as 5-10 minutes. It is an excellent introduction to Tai Chi as well as an effective way to study its fundamentals. 
When: Wednesday evenings beginning June 4th
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.
Place: The Majestic - 1027 N. Forest - lower level 
Tuition: 50/month This series is expected to run 3-4 months.
Register: by email or phone (318-4433) to confirm your space. 
Tai Chi Pushing Hands Mini-workshop:
There is still space available if you would like to explore a new level of Tai Chi training. This half-day workshop will explore the basics of Tai Chi two-person work. Pushing hands (or tuishou) is a fun and illuminating practice and is the next step in cultivating the martial and health benefits inherent in good Tai Chi practice. No experience is necessary and all are welcome to attend.
When: Saturday, May 31st. 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Where: Powered by Qi. Click HERE for directions 
Tuition: 48
Register: by email or phone (318-4433) to reserve your space.

Small Group and Private Sessions are also available upon request


open classes and more ... 

Community Open Practice: Through the summer and autumn, I will be holding a few free and open community practice sessions. These are open to anyone with an interest in Tai Chi. We begin at 10 am. 
The next two are currently scheduled for:

* Saturday, June 14th at Silver Beach Elementary School
* Saturday, July 19th also at Silver Beach Elementary School
* Friday open practices at Elizabeth Park will also continue through the summer. We meet around 6 pm. 

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