new summer series!


early morning qigong!

Join us for a new series in uplifting movement and quiet focus. Over the course of 8 sessions, we will explore qigong fundamentals and develop deep practice. Our goal will be to create an enjoyable, personal approach to qigong.

What is Qigong?
The word "qigong" can be translated as the cultivating of one's energy and awareness. It has its roots in ancient China and India where healers, scholars, martial artists, and monks sought effective ways to improve the quality of their health, consciousness, and self expression. There are basically two categories of qigong: internal, which is more akin to meditation, and external, which employs graceful, mindful movement designed to strengthen and harmonize the physical body and energy flow. We will use both approaches in this series.

Some of What We Will Cover:

* Seven Core Principles of Effective Qigong
* "Song" Qigong (Loosening and Relaxing)
* Basic Zhan Zhuang (Standing Tree) Qigong
* The Baduanjin (Eight Pieces of Brocade) Moving Qigong Set
* Qigong Subtle Energetics, Practice Tips, and more...

Course Details:
When: Eight Wednesday mornings beginning August 17th
Time: 8:00 - 9:00 a.m.
Place: The Metta Center (1602 Carolina St, Bellingham)
Tuition: 90 (full series)
To reserve your place, call Art Baner at (360) 318-4433
or email at


coming this autumn...

For those interested in Tai Chi Chuan, I'm in the process of planning a new Short Form class, a pushing hands workshop series, and a few free open classes. Stay tuned... and happy practicing!

other ways to learn ... 

small group and private lessons: If you would like to learn Tai Chi and/or qigong but have schedule conflicts with group classes, I offer private and small group study options. I've done much of my own study this way and find it a very effective and enjoyable way to learn. Location can be either at my office or at your home. Call for more information or to schedule... 


contact info... 

Art Baner, LMP CHt
Integrative Bodywork and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
Cell: (360) 318-4433


Mailing/Office Address:  1111 W. Holly St., Suite F
                                  Bellingham, Wa 98225

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