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autumn qigong

More than any other season, autumn calls me outdoors to our beautiful forests, beaches, and mountains. The warm sun, but cooler air, the myriad of colors and fresh scents on the winds are invigorating and uplifting. I like to encourage us Tai Chi folks to take a bit more time than usual to practice out-of-doors. If we attune ourselves to this changing of seasons, our bodies and spirits can find an easier, more enjoyable transition into the colder, yin energy of winter and appreciate it all the more. 
Autumn qigong is both enjoyable and beneficial and one can approach it in a variety of ways. Click To Continue... 


upcoming classes...

Tai Chi Long Form Section Two
This series begins Wednesday, October 2nd and will include Section One review, Section Two instruction, and a continuation of two person practices. Call/email to reserve your place today. 
Full Details HERE.  

Beginning Tai Chi: Long Form Section One
This series begins on Monday, November 4th and will include core principles and instruction on Section One of the traditional solo form. Great for new students or as a review. Call/email today to reserve your place. 
Full Details HERE.  

Special Offer: Sign up for the Wednesday class and get the Monday class half off!

Qigong for Healers
This November, I'll be presenting a qigong series with traditional content, plenty of practice, and time for creative exploration. This one is designed primarily for those in the healing arts, but everyone is welcome. I envision a collaborative learning environment that will be uniquely beneficial and interesting for all. Feel free to contact me to save your space or to offer suggestions as we get closer to November. 

Private and Small Group Classes
I offer instruction for individuals or small groups based on your specific goals and interests. Email or call me at 318-4433 for more information and to schedule today. 


bodywork / hypnotherapy

I offer the following services at my Bellingham office. Mention this newsletter for a 15% discount on your next visit.

Integrative Bodywork: If you or a loved one are recovering from an injury or illness, bodywork can often help speed your recovery. I bring more than 23 years experience to this work and enjoy assisting people in achieving higher levels of health and well being. 

Therapeutic Massage: Session are personalized for you and draw from a variety of techniques for health maintenance, relaxation, and the release of stress. 

Solution-based Hypnotherapy: I'm now offering professional hypnotherapy sessions designed to assist you in achieving your goals. All hypnosis is self hypnosis and we can use various states of awareness to resolve difficulties and enhance our goal achieving abilities. Call for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

Visit for more information and specials
on integrative therapies. 

Thank you!
Wishing you all an enjoyable autumn 
and happy practicing!

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