new tai chi series and more...

beginning tai chi chuan

I'm happy to announce a brand new cycle of Tai Chi classes starting this November. In this series, you will learn the first section of the traditional long form as well as the 10 Important Points that make Tai Chi effective as a martial and healing practice. We will also explore Tai Chi as a creative process and many ways in which we can master and integrate its benefits into our daily life.

The benefits of regular Tai Chi practice are well documented and enjoyed by thousands of practitioners around the world. They include:
* Improved posture, balance, and coordination
* Improved ability to relax and breathe freely
* Decrease in stress levels
* Increased core strength
* Increased internal and external awareness
* And more...

This series is perfect for people brand new to Tai Chi as well as experienced players who want to refine and deepen their practice. I look forward to working with you!

Class Details:
When: Monday evenings beginning November 7th
Time: 6:30 - 7:45
Location: The Majestic (1027 N. Forest, Bellingham)
Tuition: 55/mo.
Email or call me to reserve your place. I'll send out an email prior to our first class with additional information.

toward deeper practice

Recently, someone asked me, “How can I take my practice beyond traditional form work?” I love questions like this as they lead us into subtle and interesting places. In this case, the student was thinking beyond the mere repetition of movements and ideas and more to the heart of practice and our personal relationship with it.

In pondering this, it occurs to me that good practice is not so much a thing we do, but a quality of being we step into. For me, it is much like meditation or prayer or that “zone” we can feel when running, hiking, or concentrating on something fascinating to us. As such, it is unique (and similar) for each of us. Ideally, it is a state of self-cultivation in which the first basic theme is “practice so as to feel genuinely good.” If you are feeling good, your practice is good, even if technically there is room for improvement (and there always is :) Feeling good comes first and feeling good will lead you deeper. Continue Reading...


in other news ...

morning qigong practice
Join us for this fun and energizing morning practice. We meet at the Metta Center (1027 N. Forest, Bellingham) each Wednesday at 8 a.m. Beginners and experienced players are welcome! It's a great way to start the day! Call or email me for more information.

small group and private lessons
If you would like to learn Tai Chi and/or qigong but have schedule conflicts with group classes, I offer private and small group study options. I've done much of my own study this way and find it a very effective and enjoyable way to learn. Location can be either at my office or at your home. Call for more information or to schedule... 

vaxxed documentary showing at the Metta Center
This excellent documentary tells the story of whistle-blower, Dr William Thompson, a CDC scientist who reveals shocking levels of fraud in vaccine safety studies. The purpose of this project is not anti-vaccine, but rather to promote integrity in safety studies, citizen choice over mandate, and a reforming of the current vaccine schedule to better protect our children. Highly recommended. Free showing at the Metta Center (1602 Carolina Street) Saturday, October 29th, at 7pm.

contact info... 

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