Pushing Hands in Bellingham
A pushing-hands (two person Tai Chi) practice group is forming in Bellingham. It will begin this Friday evening (the 26th) at 5 P.M at Elizabeth Park. We'll meet at the Gazebo. This should be a lot of fun. Some of my friends and students will be there along with some very nice people I have just recently met. I expect the attendance to vary from week to week, but it is a delightful place to meet and work on either solo form or two person drills. Everyone is welcome and there is no fee. Click HERE for more details.

a few extras...

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* Private Taiji / qigong lessons are available at this time and I'm in the process of establishing a few small group programs. If you have an interest in this, I can be reached directly at 318-4433 or

Thanks and wishing you all happy days and peaceful nights.  

Spring Rejuvenation

Well, the beautiful spring weather is bringing a renewed interest in the internal arts and in joining together for community practice. 
I encourage us all to deepen whatever means of self-cultivation we enjoy, either through the venues below or through those practices that speak most clearly to your heart. In my experience, the internal arts, in all their wonderful forms, are among the most direct ways of bringing greater peace and life affirming evolution to our societies by first cultivating those qualities within ourselves. I look forward to seeing you in the days and months ahead...
Happy practicing!
Art Baner

Join us at Inspire Yoga Studio for an energizing and enjoyable immersion into Tai Chi fundamentals. This is a brand new class in a brand new, beautiful location. I am looking forward to presenting this material as we continue to go deeper into the heart of Tai Chi. 
When: Classes begin Tuesday, May 7th and continue through June 24th.
Time: 7:15 P.M. - 8:30 P.M. 
Tuition: 90/series or 48/month
This series is in preparation for both short and long form classes to begin this summer. 
~ Click HERE for full details ~
Or call Art Baner at 318-4433 to reserve your place.  

Qigong Practice and Study Group

Sometime in the near future, I am going to create a qigong study group. It will involve learning a few key practices and after that, spending most group time in practice as well as sharing of our experience. It is my intent that we support one another in delving more deeply into our practice while learning from each other along the way. This is an experimental project with a lot of interesting possibilities. If you're interested, let me know. I will not be advertising this one to the general public, but only to my circle of friends.
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