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barefoot qigong through the seasons...

I had a wonderful experience recently, practicing qigong with a new student at Elizabeth Park. We walked over to a green, grassy area and with bare feet played through Zhan Zhuang and Heaven and Earth qigong. I love the practice of barefoot qigong and encourage people to take advantage of this as often as possible.

This practice is wonderful for helping us transition into the cooler months with ease and grace. As we grow more used to it, we can even practice barefoot in the winter months. At first, just do shorter practice periods this way and make sure to keep the upper body warmly covered unless/until it starts to warm up naturally. I've had some surprising experiences with this and continue to experiment with good effects. 

Barefoot practice is also quite healthy for the physical body and helps clear the mind. If you have not yet encountered the current (pun intended) research around grounding (or earthing), here are a few resources. It's a truly invigorating addition to traditional qigong practice.

Dr Laura Koniver - a natural doc's take on grounding  
Dr Mercola on Grounding
The Grounded - A short documentary

Below you'll find information on two upcoming Tai Chi series. I hope you'll join us! 

Happy Autumn! 

Tai Chi Long Form

At the heart of Tai Chi solo practice is the traditional Long Form. This extraordinary and challenging study takes us deep into the body and our relationship with balance, relaxation, and coordination. It affords us a tool for the cultivation of our physical, mental, and energetic qualities. With practice, it then guides us into more subtle realms of authentic self-expression and the martial aspects of Tai Chi.

In this class we will focus on clear fundamentals and slowly build the form so that each student has a strong foundation upon which to further develop their Tai Chi. We will also include some traditional qigong practices as warm up and cool down. As with any worthwhile endeavor, practice is the key and leads to greater mastery. All experience levels are welcome.

Begins: Wednesday, October 3
Time: 6:15 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: The Majestic, lower level - enter from the side (MAP)  
Tuition: 55/month
Bring: comfortable clothing, water, notebook

Call 360-318-4433 (or email) to confirm your space

Beginning Tai Chi Saber 
Yang style Tai Chi Chuan includes the study of three traditional weapons: the saber, the sword, and the spear. Usually, a student begins their study of weapons with the saber as it is the simplest of the three. The saber takes principles and skills developed in bare hand training and extends them into movement and connection with an external object. Saber training also develops some wonderful new coordinations and furthers skills of balance and spatial awareness. 

In this class we will explore simple walking drills with saber, 11 angles of attack/defense, the saber solo form, and simple two person saber drills. Some prior experience with Tai Chi is highly recommended. 

Begins: Monday, October 1
Time: 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm
Location: The Majestic, lower level - enter from the side (MAP)  
Tuition: 55/month
Bring: comfortable clothing, water, notebook

Call 360-318-4433 (or email) to confirm your space

Small Group and Private Lessons:

If you would like to learn Tai Chi and/or qigong but have schedule conflicts with group classes, I offer private and small group study options. Private lessons are also great for deepening one's understanding and practice. I've done much of my own study this way and find it a very effective and enjoyable way to learn. Location can be either at my office, at your home, or weather permitting in the park. Call for more information or to schedule... 

At the Office:  

* At present I am offering free 20 minute consults for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Theta Healing. These are for the purpose of introducing this work to people new to it and talking together to see if these modalities may be a good match for your objectives. Feel free to call anytime!

* I finally have a new website that is nearly complete. Both the Tai Chi Resource Page and the Client Resource Page have a growing list of helpful reference materials. Have  a look and feel free to offer any feedback. Thanks! 

contact info... 

Art Baner, LMP CHt
Integrative Bodywork and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
Cell: (360) 318-4433


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