FCIA Newsletter for July 2013

summer in the northwest 

Can anyone remember a more beautiful spring in Bellingham? It bodes well for a wonderful summer. My wife and I are tending a small veggie garden on the deck and the birds this year have been a true delight! We've even been visited by a wandering peacock! I have no clue where he came from but he's made himself quite at home and adds an incredible splash of color to the place.
As we head into summer, I am happy to announce a new series of classes suitable for all experience levels. Also my friend Jan is holding a pushing hands intensive in August... Details on all this and much more below. I wish you all a brilliant summer and look forward to seeing you soon!  

join us for the tai chi summer series...

This summer I am offering both a Short Form and a Long Form series.
The 5-Section Short Form series begins on Tuesday, July 9 and is a great way to begin or renew your study of Tai Chi. It's easy to learn and offers many benefits such as improved balance, coordination, relaxation, focus, and core strength. Click HERE for full details. 

The 108 Long Form classes will feature Section One of this three section set. We begin Wednesday, July 10. In many ways, the Long Form is the heart and soul of traditional Tai Chi. We will also continue with qigong practice and begin the study of two person Tai Chi through the the 1-8 preparatory drills. Join us for either or both of these classes and add extra energy and inspiration to your summer! Click HERE for full details. 

Special Offer: Sign up for both classes and revceive the second one at half tuition. Class size is limited so call me at 318-4433 to reserve your space. 

bowen island pushing hands camp

This is a very special and fun event from my good friend and training buddy Jan Parker. People come from all over to practice qigong and pushing hands in a beautiful, friendly environment. Jan is a very accomplished teacher and practitioner and offers excellent lessons and coaching. I plan on attending at least one day and look forward to reconnecting with some wonderful people. Contact Jan Parker at to register or get more info. 
Dates:  August 10 and 11
Times: 9:30 - 4:30 each day 
Tuition: By donation
Location: The Bowen Island Tai Chi House, Bowen Island, B.C.

open practice in the park

Through summer and until the weather turns, I'll continue hosting an open practice on Friday evenings. Our focus is primarily on tuishou or pushing hands, but form practice, qigong, and related questions are all fair game as well. Gain a little pushing hands experience and then join us on Bowen Island for Jan's two day intensive. Click here for details

more fun and useful stuff...  

* At the Office: Summer Solstice Special: Mention this newsletter and receive 20% off your next visit for bodywork Good through the end of August. 

* Tai Chi video website: Here's an interesting Tai Chi site which features videos of various styles and a collection of the old masters. Some are quite excellent and worth watching.

* Tai Chi Resource Page: I'm in the process of steadily updating my resource page. Here's a link to class handouts and feel free to explore around especially "Sam's Binder". All good stuff! 
Art's Taiji Resource Page

contact info... 

Art Baner

Cell: (360) 318.4433

(the old acb3 address no longer works) 

Mailing / Office Address: 1111 W. Holly St.,
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