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ISSUE 192  |  April 20, 2020
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From the CVH Council Executive Committee

Brittany Brown, UT, Tara Trujillo, CO, Janna Pastir, ND
We know that everyone is working hard in these uncertain times and look to be responsive to the needs of staff whose normal duties are working on 1815/1817 Category B strategies. Tara Trujillo from Colorado has some thoughts she would like to share.


I've been thinking a lot about how to channel the stress and anxiety that many of us are feeling, as we learn more about how COVID-19 is affecting our friends, families and communities, into action. And I'd be grateful to hear from other chronic disease professions on how they're doing this. 

We know that chronic disease prevention and management are key to public health and resilience, but that social inequities are the root of how those chronic diseases are distributed in the United States and across the world. And that distribution isn't equal. By and large, workers in lower-wage jobs don't have paid leave and can't work at home. Where do you isolate if you don't have a home in the first place? How do you manage your high blood pressure or cholesterol or keep attending your cardiac rehab when you're now unemployed?

We have to move upstream and address those inequities. How can we add our strengths to rebuilding a system where everyone has health insurance, where people have affordable housing and enough to eat, where everyone can earn a livable wage? What's our role, as practitioners of cardiovascular health services, as big-picture public health professionals in advancing a system truly rooted in prevention?

The time is now, isn't it? As faith in long-standing systems gets shaken, as the cracks in the foundations of the health care and the economy start showing. What, specifically, will we all do differently on the other side of COVID-19?

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me at

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News and Resources from CDC,
NACDD, and National Partners

New fact sheet for general audiences, "Chronic Disease and COVID-19: What You Need to Know" (published April 2). En español.

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors has prepared a website with resources to assist State Health Department Chronic Disease Units and other public health professionals as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to add to this list as new resources are available. If you have a suggested resource to include on this page, please email us

From NACDD, CDC and Rice University
NEW At-a-Glance Resource for Building and Sustaining GIS Capacity

Chronic Disease Directors and NACDD Council members, in collaboration with NACDD, CDC, and Rice University, developed a resource to help maximize the benefits of GIS for chronic disease prevention and health promotion in health departments. Organized into three categories (Building a GIS Savvy Workforce, Building GIS into Chronic Disease Prevention Work, and Building GIS-Ready Tools & Resources), the GIS Hallmarks provide indicators of an infrastructure that supports routine use of GIS for chronic disease prevention and can be used to help direct GIS capacity building. View the infographic on NACDD’s website here
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From the NACDD CVH Team

Have You Noticed a Change in Off the Cuff?

Recently, Off the Cuff transitioned to a new distribution source. The news groupings are the same as in the past, but with the change came a new format. Do you like it? Not like it? How can we make it better for you? Please send us your feedback at healthsystems@chronicdisease.orgThanks! 

The NACDD CVH Off the Cuff Team
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