December 2014
NACDD is the only organization representing all state and jurisdictional chronic disease staff, dedicated to building capacity and making public health good for the public.
Message from the CEO
As we begin a New Year, I continue to be amazed at the sheer volume and consistency of great work that States continue to deliver, leading the way for chronic disease prevention and control. With your help we have certainly exceeded federal funding expectations with a doubling of the Block Grant and new funding through FOAs 1422 and 1305. In addition the CRomnibus 2015 kept significant funding levels for CDC and many of its most vital programs. The Million Hearts work, along with the National DPP, has generated national exposure with the general public as well as with private industry partners. Your ability to build and sustain coalitions is also commendable, helping to multiply your efforts and underscore your unique value proposition to public health. I look forward to 2015 as States continue to fill a leadership role that no other entity can fill, advancing the work and impact of public heath.  

John W. Robitscher, MPH

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NACDD Project Updates & News
Announcing the 2015 Evidence-Based Public Health: A Course in Chronic Disease Prevention
NACDD is pleased to announce that our well-received training course, Evidence-Based Public Health: A Course in Chronic Disease Prevention will take place March 23-27, 2015 in St. Louis. Information to be made available on the NACDD webside in January.
New NACDD and State Resources on Chronic Kidney Disease 
NACDD has a new webpage, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Resource List for Public Health, focused on CKD. Read more.
NACDD and CDC to Launch Walkability Action Institute
One of the many public health issues that NACDD cares about is making states and communities more walkable throughout the country. At NACDD, we understand that this is not just a public health problem... Read more.
NACDD Releases New Success Story Publication
NACDD has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to highlight a collection of twenty-three success stories from the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (Tracking Network). Read More
What's Working in Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Database
FREE Success Story and Initiative Description writing assistance available to CDC-funded 1305, 1422, and PHHS Block Grant Porgrams. Contact Natasha McCoy at for more information. 
Assessing Oral Health Among Older Adults in New Hampshire
Oral health problems such as inflammatory diseases and tooth decay are linked to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, respiratory disease, and cancer. Read more.
NACDD Students at Emory Host Fall 2014 Chronic Disease Day
NACDD Students at Emory host an Awareness Concert for Chronic Diseases at Children's Hospital. Read more.
Partner Updates & News
CDC Releases The National Health Report 2014 
The CDC’s has just released The National Health Report 2014 which offers a snapshot of our nation’s health, highlighting recent successes and challenges in fighting critical health problems in the U.S. The report finds Americans are living longer, healthier lives, but as a result, diseases are shifting in prevalence. The report includes a many tools such as a highlights report, multiple infographics and at-a-glance indicator dashboards.  Read More
ASPHN Offers Affordable Care Resource
The ASPHN Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Nutrition Council has created an ACA reference listing to help state public health nutritionists easily access resources to implement health care reform policies.  Read more
Abstracts Now Being Accepted for Healthy Aging Summit
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) is requesting abstracts addressing the science of healthy aging for presentation at the 2015 Healthy Aging Summit, July 27-28, 2015 in Washington, DC. Read more
States Collaborate on Rural Tobacco Prevention Campaign 
For a year and a half, Rescue SCG has implemented Down And Dirty, a tobacco Prevention Campaign targeting Country teens. The Mississippi Department of Health is now the third state to implement the campaign.  Read more
AIM Releases a New Resource:

AIM is pleased to announce the launch of the interactive website that displays immunization infrastructure, environment and policy information for each of the 64 state, cities and territories. Read more.
Healthy Aging Summit

Registration opens January, 2015. Click here to learn more.
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