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ISSUE 193  |  April 27, 2020
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From Your Colleagues

Some Additional Thoughts and Questions to Tara Trujillo’s Post Last Week

From Kris KummerfeldMO Million Hearts Coordinator
I think in terms of my specific project, we are trying to figure out how to counsel our contractors regarding the SMBP and Patient Engagement project in this new COVID -19 environment. Patients are reluctant to come in for clinical visits and everyone is not yet positioned for digital connectivity. Does the CARE act offer some promise to health care providers in this regard?

From Brittany Brown, UT Heart Disease and Stroke Coordinator and CVH Council Executive Committee
It really is interesting to think about how individuals with pre-existing chronic conditions are the ones most at risk from complications and even death from COVID-19. Think of how just a small portion of the money currently being spent around the globe on Coronavirus could have made a difference on changing the social determinants (or correlates) of health.

In Utah we have found that nearly a third of COVID cases are occurring in Hispanic/Latinos, despite that they comprise a much smaller fraction of the population. I am concerned about how much further this pandemic will take us from our goal of working more upstream and reducing disparities. We are using this opportunity to see how we can build our disparities work across categorical areas. Hopefully people may begin to see the value in Public
and not just for infectious disease, but chronic conditions as well.  

I am working pretty much full-time on COVID-19, as is much of our program, bureau, etc. here in Utah. I would love to hear from others who are addressing disparities in COVID incidence. Please email us at
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Calls and Webinars Worth Your Time 

What CHWs Need to Know about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Their Roles During Emergency Response Efforts

Tuesday, April 28, 2020 4-5:00 p.m. ET

Sponsors: National Association of Community Health Workers (CHWs), the CHWs Work Group at CDC, and CDC’s News Media Branch

Join this webinar to discuss what CHWs need to know about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and their roles during emergency response efforts. In addition, current myths and rumors about COVID-19 will be dispelled and cultural aspects for prevention and treatment of the virus in the community will be considered. As agents of change in communities, CHWs address the social and economic factors that shape the spread of the disease, and can determine who are the people most affected, and who needs support or information timely.
Speakers are: Denise Octavia Smith, MBA, CHW, PN, Executive DirectorNational Association of Community Health Workers and Colleen Barbero, PhD., Health Scientist Applied Research and Translation Team, CDC Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention
Register here.
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