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Multimedia shows coming to Urbana & Brooklyn

Brooklyn Babylon & Real Enemies

Dear comrades,

My co-conspirators and I have a heady fortnight ahead of us as we prepare to stage two epic multimedia performances over the next two weeks!

First, we travel to Urbana, Illinois for a rare complete performance of Brooklyn Babylon, the acclaimed multimedia production hailed by WNYC’s Studio 360 as “a masterpiece… a new work of originality, power, and beauty that left an audience slack-jawed.” Co-created with visual artist Danijel Zezelj, Brooklyn Babylon is an urban fable that tells the story of Lev Bezdomni, a master carpenter commissioned to build a carousel which will crown the tallest tower in the world. As neighborhoods are razed to make way for the tower’s immense footprint, Lev finds himself torn between his personal ambition and his allegiance to the community. Told through a combination of live painting, projected animation, and live music, Brooklyn Babylon has been hailed as “a tour de force(Huffington Post) and the Society is thrilled to be making our midwestern debut with this ambitious work on Friday, November 13 at the Krannert Center for the Arts.

Once we return to New York, we’ll scarcely have time to catch our collective breath before we present the world premiere of a brand-new multimedia work, Real Enemies, at the BAM Next Wave Festival. Co-created with writer/director Isaac Butler and filmmaker Peter Nigrini, Real Enemies is a swirling collage of text, images, live music, and multichannel video that draws from declassified government papers, documentaries, mysterious radio broadcasts, the history of the FBI and the CIA, and other sources. The show brings to light a shadow history of America, touching on everything from Iran-Contra to whether or not shape-shifting reptilian aliens run the U.S. government. The 75-minute score is influenced by sources as diverse as the film scores of David Shire (All The President’s Men) and Michael Small (The Parallax View), mid-century 12-tone composition, the music of the Nicaraguan revolution, early 1980’s West Coast hip-hop  and Space Age jazz. Real Enemies runs for five performances only, from November 18-22 at the BAM Harvey Theater. We hope you’ll join us for this monumental new work!

Be seeing you,

— Darcy
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Urbana, IL

Krannert Center for the Arts

Brooklyn Babylon


Brooklyn, NY

BAM Harvey Theater

Real Enemies