Your official update from the Wellington Women's Boarding House committee. We can create a world where every woman has a safe place to call home.
Kia ora koutou,

It has been a busy month and as we near the end of the year we are thankful to everyone that has made a difference to the lives of our residents. 

Rooms available for new residents
The boarding house currently has one or two rooms vacant, so if you know of any women on low income who are homeless or living in unsafe or unsatisfactory conditions, please refer them to us on 04 977 0453.  All referrals are in the strictest confidence.
Thank you!
We would like to thank all those who have donated goods and services to the boarding house over the past few months including GOOD BITCHES BAKING, ELLEN BLAKE, JEN BLAKE, DR MICHELLE THUNDERS, KAIBOSH, ARTHUR @ MECHANICAL TEMPEST, ANNA, LYNN C.
We'd also like to thank New World Wellington City and Roxy Cinema for bringing some seasonal cheer to our home with their generous donations, and a big shout-out to WELTEC School of Hospitality who have pledged to cater our Christmas Party this year!

Working bee this weekend
We have a working bee coming up in early December to further spruce up our lovely gardens (especially the front door, gates and fences).  If anyone has some lovely pots or good quality garden furniture that they no longer want or use or any lovely plants, please let us know - we would love to have them.  Our working bee volunteers will also decorate one or two of our bedrooms which are badly in need of some TLC, so if you have any nice single bedding, toiletries (like the mini ones we all collect at hotels), mirrors, rugs, ornaments and no longer need them, again we would love to take them off your hands.
Countdown to the end of the year
Also on our minds is the countdown to Christmas and how best to make it a cheery and festive occasion for our women who are away from friends and loved ones at this special time.  Each year, we hold a Christmas party for the residents and give out goody bags filled with donated goods.  If you would like to help by providing a small unwrapped gift, please contact Margaret on  Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Women's stories
Last week a former resident got in touch to let us know about how the service we provide made a difference to her at a time in her life when she needed it. We can't have done it without support and donations from every one of you. Thank you, and thanks Kate for sharing your story!

Kia ora!

I just saw a news story on homelessness on the news and thought that (several years later!) I should get in touch and say thanks for finding a space for me when I was up in Welly in 2009. 

I had come up from Christchurch to do a study placement the day before, my accommodation had fallen through, I had no money, and my partner was heading home the next day, leaving me with no idea of what to do or where to stay in the city, where I knew no one. The house manager was able to meet with us with no notice, was able to find a room for me, and a week later I was able to move in to a room out the back. Knowing that I had somewhere to go each day after placement to study and work on my assignments was a real weight off my shoulders, and meant I was able to focus on my coursework and finish my degree. Since 2009 I have done lots of work with young people who need this type of service, and since I know how important this was when I needed it, it has spurred me on to make sure that our young people know that it can help them as well. 

I'm sorry it's taken over 6 years to get to it, but thank you to the House for the service it provides, and to the people that help it run. I was able to leave some bedding for the House to use, but you guys do a far better job - just make sure you know that it *does* make a difference. :-)

Nga: mihi,

If you want to make a difference to women like Kate please consider becoming one of our regular donors - Your contribution can make a lifetime of difference.
Ka kite anō. 
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