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Upcoming Parks & Rec Programs


Register now for summer programs!
More information & registration forms at:

Art in the Park: (AGES 4-6)

June - July; $3/child/day or $10/child/month

Tennis Lessons (AGES 5-18)
Please sign up at the Rec Center if you are interested and you will be notified when dates are set.

Run Like a Girl (AGES 8-13)
Girls Running Program,  June 1st-July 9th

Blastball (AGES 3 & 4)
June 1st–12th

T-Ball (AGES 5 & 6)
July 7th-Aug 13th

Co-Ed Adult Softball (ANYONE 18 YEARS OR OLDER)
June 10th–Aug. 5th

Story City Dance
Session 1
June 1st-12th
Session 2
July 20th-31st
Register here by May 18th

Fire Department Wins
“Fight for Air Climb” – Again

For the fourth straight year, the Story City/Lafayette Township Volunteer Fire Department took home the Gold in the American Lung Association’s “Fight for Air Climb” in Des Moines with a winning time of 15:49. Representing the Fire Department were climbers Ryan Peterson, Brian Watson, Trent Whipple, and Tyler Oberender joined the winning team this year with the addition of a fourth building. The firefighter relay challenge is race event totaling four buildings: EMC, Hub Tower, the Downtown Marriott, and added this year the Ruan Center. With its fourth straight victory it now looks like a bigger trophy case may be in order and certainly something to brag a little about during the Firefighter Convention to be held in Story City later this year. Congratulations on a job well done Ryan, Brian, Trent, and Tyler.

Swimming Pool Project

Last month, the city received three bids for the new swimming pool project. The lowest bid received was from Peterson Construction out of Webster City at a cost of $2,227,300 which was under our estimated construction cost by approximately $137,500. Construction is scheduled to begin sometime this fall. Therefore, we will have one more swimming summer with our existing pool, but there will be no pool in 2016. The new pool will be open Memorial Day weekend 2017. The City is still in “negotiations” with the State’s Community Attraction & Tourism board on a possible grant award.  

For it is in Giving ...

that we receive.

This comes from the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi on giving and receiving. It begs the question, “Why is it more important to give than to receive?”
Michigan businessperson J.C. Huizenga did something unusual when he sold one of his companies; he shared $6 million in the profits from the sale with the 570 employees. Based upon how long an employee worked for the company the profit sharing ranged from $500 to $50,000. In his letter to the employees he reminded them that his goal in business was to “create wealth and share it.”  Were employees surprised? No. Yearly profit sharing bonuses were typical. There are other examples like Huizenga, but are they more the exception or the norm?
Money isn’t the only example where one can give. We can give things, or our time, or specific skills we have. It doesn’t matter ones income level, age, time, or skills. Everyone has something to give.

Long-time resident Bill Applegate who passed away last year was an active member in the Heifer International Program. The program, started nearly 70 years ago, works to end hunger and poverty throughout the world by providing animals that are both a source of food and income. By providing food and income it builds self-reliance and helps sustain both the family and the community. Helping to provide a source of food and income; what a great gift to give.
Giving doesn’t necessarily need to be at an international level. It can be right here in Story City. Milt Severson, who passed away earlier this year, for 10 years gave his time and skills at the Roland-Story Elementary School reading with and helping elementary school children learn to read. Helping to teach a young person to read; what a great gift to give.
We can look around our community and see the many ways one can give. From donating clothes and other items to Affordables, delivering meals to seniors and the disabled, or making a monetary donation to one of the educational scholarship programs to help ease the burden of a college education. These are all great gifts to give.
Why Give? Scientific studies show that a person is more fulfilled, happier, healthier, and has purpose when they give. But, isn’t the true spirit in giving not about us? There are givers and takers in this world – Mother Teresa is an example of a giver. Not everyone can be a Mother Teresa, but each of us has a capacity to make a difference; the question is are we willing to make that difference?
Why Give? Government programs can’t do it all. We would like to think that they are, should, or can, but in reality are unable to. There are government programs like food stamps and school lunches, but it’s not enough. That is why many schools have started a “Backpack Club” program that fills a backpack that a student takes home for the weekend so they and their family don’t go hungry.
Why Give? A person is fortunate in the family they were born into and where they were born. Some are simply born with an advantage. Consider that two billion people in this world live on less than $2 a day or think about the 45 million Americans who live in poverty in the United States. Consider this:
  • Those living in poverty represent 15% of the population in our country. This is a person making less than $11,500 or for a family of four less than $23,500.
  • How about that children represent 36% of those living in poverty yet they make up only 24% of our population.
  • Or that nearly half of those that are homeless are people that are employed.
  • And, 25% of those with a disability live in poverty.
There is a saying, “Never judge your neighbor until you have walked in their moccasins for two full moons.”
I think one of the reasons why we should give is that we have an obligation to help level the playing field of life. Not everyone can pull themselves up by their own boot straps because for many they simple don’t have any boot straps to pull themselves up with. It’s giving a helping hand up.
Am I looking to make the whole world a better place? Yes! Each of us can do this in our own small way in our own small corner by devoting our time, money, and energy.
Let me leave you with this, “Don’t let one day pass without doing something for a person who cannot repay you.”
Or as in the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, “Where there is despair, hope.”
Mark A. Jackson
City Administrator

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