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Story City Briefing

16th Annual Rosy Cheeks 5K

February 7th 
9am Start
$25 includes pancake breakfast and long sleeve t-shirt
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Snow Removal Awareness

Winter is here and the Story City Street Department wants you to be mindful of our snow removal equipment. Please be aware of our flashing amber lights on our various trucks, plows and loaders. Make sure to give us plenty of room as our plows are wide and very bulky! Please make sure you are at a safe distance when pulling out in front of a plow truck. Our trucks are very heavy and require a longer than normal stopping distance on slick pavement. When following a plow, allow plenty of stopping distance. Plow trucks make frequent stops and back up with little warning. Remember, if you cannot see a plow truck’s side view mirror, the driver cannot see you. Watch out for our loader and trucks hauling snow on the main streets.

Story City – One of the Safest Cities

Story City ranks in the top 30, out of approximately 100 considered, as one of the safest cities on Iowa in which to live.  Read more

If you would like to make a Donation to the New Pool ...

As with any major project, there will be odds and ends that will need to be purchased. If you would like to make a Donation to the new pool project, please make out a check and mail it to:
          City of Story City – Pool Project
          504 Broad Street
          Story City, Iowa 50248
A plaque will be placed at the new bathhouse/concession identifying contributors.

Looking Back on 2014

Are the top 10. Included are some accomplishments, some challenges, and some sad. 
  • Completed - the new Water Treatment Plant Project.
  • Approved - a bond issue, with 66% voting in favor, in an amount up to $2.65 million for the New Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Began - the construction of the South Story City Drainage Improvement Project. The estimated cost of the project is $720,000 with the City receiving a CDBG grant in the amount of $360,000.
  • In Partnership - with the Story City EDC, Story City Municipal Electric, and Story Construction we initiated the construction of a $1.2 million speculative Building in the Interstate 35 Business Park.
  • Speaking of - the Interstate 35 Business Park, the City received a RISE grant from the Iowa Department of Transportation in the amount of $323,709 for the construction of Rich Olive Street with an estimated cost of $835,044
  • With- the Retirement of Kevin Jacobson, the City promoted Jason Loots and hired Craig Hennager as Water & Wastewater Co-Superintendents
  • Held - the 15th running of the Rosy Cheeks 5k Run/Walk.
  • Adopted  -the Parks & Recreation 2014-18 Plan
  • Confirmed - the infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer in a residential tree
  • We Remember – two former employees who passed away this past year. Long-time City Clerk & Treasurer Pat Twedt and Joy Middleton Niklasen who for six years was the City’s Aquatics/Recreation Supervisor.
That’s a quick top 10 look at 2014. Next month I’ll highlight what’s in store for 2015 and perhaps beyond.

12        drummers drumming
a drum roll please for new R-S School Superintendent Matt Patton and a special welcome to his family – or as we like to say in Story City - VELKOMEN
11        pipers piping
to three of our legal eagles – Bob Huffer who recently retired and served for many years on the Municipal Electric Board; Tom Wynia who has served for many years on the Economic Development Corp board; and to long-time city attorney Fred Larson who has served many years on the Story County Legal Aid Society board
10        lords a leaping
congratulations to Coach Hill and the R-S baseball team for its second consecutive trip to the state baseball tournament. And how about young author and Story City resident S.V. Duke who just released her new children’s book appropriately named The Skunk River Tales: Mystery in the Park.
9          ladies dancing
early in the morning working out at a fitness class, or running mid-day on the treadmill, or in the evening kids shooting hoops in the rec gym or adults walking on the track; here’s to a great partnership with MGMC at the Story City Community Health Center – and especially to Shelly Nibe who opens the Rec Center on those dark and cold winter mornings.
8          maids a milking
a special thank you to our city employees who plow the snow, keep us safe, make sure we have clean water, places to play and picnic, plenty of books to read, take a reservation at the Fairview Lodge or answer any question you might have.
7          swans a swimming
in a soon to be new swimming pool. Thanks to Rodney Bunn, Casey Kahl, Jody Larson, Patty Rathmaker, Mary Sirna, and Trent Whipple who worked with us on the design of the new pool. And to the voters who approved the bond issue with 66% voting in favoring.
6          geese a laying
golden globe movies for Todd Thorson who owns and operates the Historic Story Theatre and Grand Opera House. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the oldest continually operating theater in the Midwest – at 101 years, but who’s counting.
5          golden rings
for Mayor Jensen and Council Members Dwayne Fiihr, Valaree Muhlenburg, Dave Sporleder, Matt Triggs, and Becky Watson who work hard representing the community.
 4         colly birds
they come from all 50 states and 11 countries to take a ride on the Antique Carousel – 18,000 plus rides this past year – and thanks to the many volunteers who help keep this unique attraction going round and round.
3          French hens
three straight wins – and climbing. A toast to volunteer firefighters Ryan Peterson, Brian Watson, and Trent Whipple who for the third straight year won the American Lung Associations Fight for Air Climb! And to all the volunteer firefighters led by Chief Lysle MacDonald
2          turtle doves
a special Thank You to Dave & Carol Ann Morris who for many years have been involved in many things and in many ways; doing good things to help many people.
And a partridge in a pear tree

to my favorite tree – the Christmas Tree – what other tree has presents under it? Not the Ash. Here is to the 100th anniversary of the first Christmas tree being placed at the intersection of Broad & Pennsylvania. It is a symbol of community, and peace, and joy, and hope!
A special Thank You to the Electric Department for putting it up and all the decorations.
Here’s to a bright 2015 and a fond farewell to 2014; here’s to the wonderful things to come and our memories from before.
Mark A. Jackson
City Administrator

City of Story City

504 Broad St.
Story City, IA 50248
(515) 733-2121
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Mike Jensen

Dwayne Fiihr
Valaree Muhlenburg
Dave Sporleder
Becky Watson
Matt Triggs 

Mark A. Jackson
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