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Upcoming Parks & Rec Programs


2015 Pool Season:  May 23rd- August ?? TBA

Daily Admission
All Ages $2.00
After 7:00pm $1.00

Season Passes
Half-Price after July 6th
  • Student: $50.00
  • Adult: $55.00
  • Family: $100.00
  • Family + 1: $125.00

Punch Card $18.00 (10 punches)

Swimming Lessons
Session 1: June 15th-26th Register by June 8th
9am (Ages 6-12)
10am (Ages 6-12)
11am (Ages 3-5)
6pm (Ages 6- Adult)

Session 2: July 6th-17th Register by June 29th
9am (Ages 3-5)
10am (Ages 6-12)
11am (ages 6-12) 


What is the Iowa Firefighter’s Association Convention?

What:  The second informational meeting about the 137th Annual Iowa Firefighter’s Association Convention to be hosted by the Story City Volunteer Fire Dept. in Story City
When: Thursday, May 28th
Time:  7pm
Where:  Fire Station, 512 Park Ave.
Who is invited?  All Story City business owners & General Managers

We want you to know more about what you can expect when Firefighters from all over Iowa visit our beautiful town for a week!  The Convention will be held September 9th through the 13th, with some arriving as early as September 4th.
Story City Firefighters will be available to answer any questions you might have to help you better prepare yourselves and your business.

Odds & Ends

  • Interstate 35 Business Park – The Mayor and City Council have awarded a contract to Gehrke Construction out of Eldora for the construction of Rich Olive Street. The construction of the street will provide access to approximately 32 acres of land for immediate economic development opportunities and the 40,000 square foot speculative building. The estimated cost of the project is approximately $815,000 and the city received a grant for just over $323,000 from the Iowa Department of Transportation for the project. 

  • Swimming Pool Project – The city has been awarded a Community Attraction & Tourism grant from the State’s Vision Iowa Board in the amount of $86,530 to add a sixth lane to the swimming pool. The city has raised just over $30,000 in private donations and the Story City Municipal Electric and Story County have each allocated $10,000 for the project.

  • CDBG Housing Project – The City is wrapping up the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Housing Project. In 2012, the city was awarded a CDBG Housing grant for up to $337,900 to assist approximately 10 low-moderate income persons in a designated neighborhood to make improvements to their homes. Seven homes received assistance totaling $201,199 in CDBG funds for home improvements. The city obligated $40,000 towards the housing rehabilitation costs, of which $28,000 was expended.

Frozen Moments in Time

May is graduation month. Like many of you I have watched these graduates grow. Literally! Let me tell you a little something about the “twin towers of nice guys” – Logan Greiner and Jarod Staton.
I had Logan on one of my baseball teams and selected him to play on an all-star team I coached. Logan wasn’t one of the best ball players, but no one could match his work ethic or positive attitude. He would be the first to arrive to practice and the last to leave. Logan always asked, “What can I do to help?” Often I would see him down on the field working on his fielding and hitting. I recall one evening walking downtown when a car pulls over and out jumps Logan with a big smile on his face; he had just hit his first home run! I’m sure he will hit many home runs in life. Tall and thin, Jarod Staton has a smile as wide as he is tall and always a "hello" to go along with it. You can’t help, but love watching this kid play. He is always the first person to congratulate a fellow player or in a football game the first to extend his hand and pull up a player from the opposing team. This young man has true class and I’m sure throughout life he will be extending his hand in friendship to lift up others who are down.
Snapshot memories of Logan and Jarod are what one might call, “Frozen Moments in Time.” Like many of you, I have memories of family, friends, and things about our community. I never fully understood the word “graceful” until I watched my daughter dance, in particular the graceful way she moved her arms and how she seemed to be dancing on air. I always enjoyed those moments watching my son Christopher hit and run the bases, but it was watching him work a room as well as any politician at public events that left me in awe. These moments are frozen in time for me.
Each of us has frozen moments in time of our community. This will be the 50th anniversary of Scandinavian Days and many of us remember the elementary school children in their Norwegian outfits dancing in the middle of Broad Street; or John Gookin as the cowardly lion in Judge Story’s Theatrical Troupe’s performance in The Wizard of Oz; or the times you, your children, and even grandchildren rode the Antique Carousel; or Pete Tekippe taking a family picture at the swinging bridge; and the list of frozen moments in time of our community goes on.
Nostalgia is good for the individual and the community. It’s reflection of our beliefs, the roots one has, and the relationships we share with one another. Some have said it’s a mirror into our soul. Frozen moments in time help us to move forward by exploring our past, which allows us to embrace the present, and helps prepare us for the future. The past has great power and we must always be careful that it doesn’t hinder our progress. We may look back with moments frozen in time, but living is in the present and I know there is great promise in the future for these young graduates, for each of us, and our Story City community. As a community, we have many memories of how Story City was, and many of you have been involved in and watched over the years our community grow and change; mostly for the good.
I like the song “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen. It tells that the greatest act of true love is our ability to let go. “Seems you're frozen in the past, time to let it go.”
The past is the past, but there are still some moments I will hang onto about my family, my friends, and my community. And, like the lion, will move forward with courage!
Mark A. Jackson
City Administrator

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