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Fall Programs

Randy Martindale Named Water & Wastewater Superintendent

Randy Martindale has been appointed as the Water & Wastewater Superintendent. Randy has been with the City since 2007 working in the Parks and Recreation Department and is a retired Platoon Sargent with the Army National Guard.

Council Awards Contract for South Park Improvements Project

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At its June 20th meeting, the Mayor and City Council awarded a contract in the amount of $286,868 to Lansink Construction for the South Park Improvements Project. The project is scheduled to begin in June and be completed by early November. The project includes demolishing part of the existing shelter and constructing a new, larger, and open shelter. The project will also include a concrete trail, two river overlook structures, and other associated appurtenances.

Elm Avenue Overlay and Pedestrian Ramp Improvements Project

A public hearing will be held on July 18th at 7:00 o’clock p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers on the proposed Elm Avenue Overlay and Pedestrian Ramp Improvements Project. The proposed project is on Elm Avenue from Maple to Roosevelt and primarily includes the milling of the existing surface, full-depth pavement patches, and a new 2-inch asphalt surface. The project also includes the removal of and construction of some sidewalk at certain street intersections

Grandpa Mom

You might remember the 1983 movie Mr. Mom starring Michael Keaton as an engineer who is laid-off from his job and stays at home with the kids while his wife played by Teri Garr returns to the workforce. My Grandpa Wilmarth was a "Grandpa Mom" long before this movie came out.
The third Sunday in June is Father's Day, but we always celebrated my Grandpa Wilmarth's birthday on Mother's Day. He was born i
n May sometime around Mother's Day, but the actual date I never knew. How appropriate though; because over the years I've learned what it means to be a good mother from my Grandpa Wilmarth.

Both my grandfathers were caring and wonderful individuals and I learned different things from each. But, from my Grandpa Wilmarth, I learned how to be a mother.
Every man should learn what it means and what it's like to be a mother. It helps in learning how to be a good father. My mother is an exceptional and extraordinary person and I certainly learned from her how to be a father and a man, but I learned how to be a mother from my grandfather.

My father had Multiple Sclerosis. When I was around eight years old, at the time my youngest brother Roy was born, my father at the age of 32 was no longer able to walk and was confined to a wheel chair. My mother was a school teacher at the time and the question of who would take care of my father and my youngest brother during the day became the primary issue. My Grandpa Wilmarth, at around the age of 65 decided to retire, would spend three days a week taking care of my father and help my mother raise me and my other siblings: Chris, Beth, and Roy. My Grandma Jackson would spend the other two days taking care of her son and my youngest brother, but when she became ill the other two days fell to my Grandpa Wilmarth.
I've often wondered how many father-in-law's would spend their retirement days taking care of their adult son-in-law who was suffering with a terrible disease, help raise their newborn grandson, help take care of his three other grandchildren, and in general help his daughter in whatever she might need in any situation?

What I learned in how to be a mother from my grandfather is that first and foremost family comes first. Many people say family is important; he actually proved it by his actions of retiring one day and taking care of his adult son-in-law and grandchildren the next.

I learned how to do laundry, or better yet maybe how not to do laundry. My grandfather would take a pile of laundry, put it in the washer, dryer, and then fold it. Only later did I learn about sorting and that certain clothes and colors require certain temperatures. I learned that a man could do laundry.

My grandfather was a great cook. Much better than my Grandma Wilmarth. I still can picture him either at our house or at his house cooking. Now, I don't necessarily like to cook, but I can. However, I learned that a man could cook.

My grandfather was also our primary source of transportation. Meaning he was a soccer mom before there were soccer moms. He not only got us to our practices, but whoever else needed a ride to practices and games. He was also our Little League coach for many years. Once, when my brother had his shirt un-tucked, my grandfather yelled for him to tuck in his shirt, "you might not be much of a ball player, but you can look like one." I learned from him the importance of looking professional. I use these words of wisdom on many occasions. He also would take us when needed to get haircuts or get a new pair of shoes, or wherever we might need to go for whatever we might need. I learned that a man can haul children to wherever they need to go, take children shopping for necessities, and being actively involved in their lives.

When my grandfather was about 72 he had a heart attack and was no longer able to care for my father. My father needed to be placed in a nursing home and he and my grandmother would go visit each Sunday and have dinner with their son-in-law.

My grandfather was also a spiritual person, religious too. He was a devout Catholic who attended mass each Sunday, sometimes daily when he could, and would serve as the "altar boy" when needed. More than that he not only believed in Christ, but believed that we should live our lives like Christ. I learned from my grandfather the importance in doing good works and being in the service of others.

I remember in my grandparent's back yard was a statue of Mary the mother of Christ. I think being "mother" was important to him since his mother died when he was a young boy. My mother is named after her – Zadie – which is a Yiddish word that means “Grandfather.” A number of years ago my mother, my son Christopher, two nephews, and I traveled to where my grandfather was raised in the Iroquois and DeSmet towns of South Dakota. We went to the cemetery where his mother and other relatives are buried. It's the first time my mother had been back since the 1950's. It certainly is a moving experience to travel back to where your family comes from.

I'm not a perfect father to my children, but I'm a better father because I learned how to be a mother from my grandfather.

Happy Father's Day!

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