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Story City Briefing

Appliance Pickup

Story City Clean-Up July 19, 2014. Appliances will be picked up for free by Midwest Recovery. Televisions and monitors must have a sticker purchased from the city in order for us to pick it up. If your TV does not have a sticker, it will not be picked up and it will be the owner's responsibility to dispose of it properly. All appliances and electronics MUST be on the curbside by 7am July 19th. We will not be returning for items not placed on the curb before 7am.  No item may be placed on the curb for pick-up until July 18th.
Flyer with more information >>

Parks & Rec Events

Thor the Dark World
Movie in the Park
Sponsored by Reliance State Bank
June 20th 9:15pm, North Park

Rec Adventures (AGES 8-13) Registration Form. The program will be held at our various Parks and Recreation facilities in Story City. You will receive a schedule one week before the program starts of where they will meet each day.
11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. M-F
Session 1: June 23rd – July 3rd
Session 2: July 21st – August 1st
Session fee is $10.00; Drop-In fee $1.00 (one day advance notice for drop-in)

Tee Ball (AGES 5 & 6) Registration Form
A great way to get your child introduced to the game of baseball. Learn the basic skills and be a part of a team. Runs July 8th-Aug 14th. Practice and games will be on Tue. and Thurs. nights.
Register at the Rec Center by June 16th.
Fees: $20- Resident, $25- Non-resident

Full List of Summer Activities >>

Council Awards Contract for the 
South Story City Drainage Improvement Project

At its June 2nd meeting, the Mayor & City Council awarded a contract in the amount of $430,338 to Keller Excavating out of Boone for construction of the South Story City Drainage Improvements Project. It is anticipated that construction will begin sometime this summer and be completed by the end of November. The total estimated cost of the project – which includes construction, engineering, land acquisition/easement, etc. – is approximately $720,000 with the city receiving a CDBG grant in the amount of $360,000.  Please take note that there may be some parking challenges for a short period of time with construction of Bethany Manor’s project and the City’s South Drainage Improvements project taking place simultaneously. 

Water & Wastewater Superintendent Kevin Jacobson to Retire

After 23 years, Kevin Jacobson (center) will retire as Water & Wastewater Superintendent for Story City. Kevin has been a great representative of Story City, having served on numerous state association boards and representing rural communities at the national level on the impact of water and wastewater rules and regulations. Story City’s water and wastewater treatment plants were often used as a model for other cities to emulate. His depth of knowledge, years of experience, leadership, and great working relationship with the public will truly be missed. Taking over for Kevin will be “Co-Superintendents” Craig Hennager (left) and Jason Loots (right). Kevin said that Story City is a, “great community, friendly people, and a progressive council.” He further added, “There’s a lot of pride in Story City.” What is the one thing Kevin said he is going to miss, “the people I work with.” We’re going to miss Kevin too.

MacKenzie Jarvis & Andrew Smith:
You Might Want to Keep an Eye
on these Graduates

High school graduation ceremonies are now complete. The accolades and focus at many of these ceremonies tends to be on those students with high academic achievement or received multiple athletic varsity letters. But, does one’s accomplishments by the age of 18 indicate that they will make a unique, meaningful, and lasting positive impact on others and society? It may make one think of the Bruce Springsteen song Glory Days.
An attorney I once worked for told me, “In law school, the “A” students became the teachers, the “B” students became the judges, and the “C” students made the money.” A teacher, a judge, and a practicing attorney are successful in their own right and grades do not necessarily determine how successful one will be in life. In our society today, we often judge “success” by the amount of money one accumulates and retains. I’m reminded of the scene from the movie Wall Street, where the actor Martin Sheen says to his son, “What you see is a guy who never measured a man’s success by the size of his wallet!”
Congratulations on a job well done to those graduates who worked hard to achieve high academic standing or obtained an athletic varsity letter(s). However, Robert Frost, in his poem The Road Not Taken writes, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.” So, I want to tell you a little something about two recent graduates that I have observed since kindergarten who have taken the path less traveled - MacKenzie Jarvis and Andrew Smith.

MacKenzie lives downtown with her family above her mother’s store – Second Time Around – it’s old fashioned in the sense of the family living above their place of business in a downtown area, but there is nothing old fashioned about MacKenzie. When you first see MacKenzie the word that immediately pops into your head is “creative.” Maybe it’s the color of her hair or better yet the ever changing color of her hair, the glasses she wears, or just the way she walks to her own beat. But, after visiting with her the word that immediately pops into your head is “Creative.” Where is MacKenzie off to? Appropriately named, The Creative Center for Graphic Design in Omaha, NE. If you saw the poster for Judge Story’s production of Tarzan; it was MacKenzie who designed the tree. It was MacKenzie who designed a number of posters and t-shirts for plays, battle of the books, prom, jazz band, etc. There are a variety of things she did related to the fine arts and the list could go on. Yes, she took and enjoyed all the art classes, but what was the other class she enjoyed – chemistry. What is it she likes about art? Color and simplicity. Au (that’s gold) in the periodic table may be taken, but I’m sure Mackenzie will come up with another.
I got to know Andrew Smith from coaching him on a number of little league baseball teams. Andrew is probably one of the most gifted baseball players I’ve ever coached or seen. He has an arm like a canon with the fielding prowess of a cat on a mouse. Andrew has his own lawn mowing business and he took up the sport of boxing about four years ago. Andrew is an “Entrepreneur” – as in baseball, as in business, and as in boxing all requires initiative and risk taking. There is a level of creativity in Andrew as well. He developed a number of films and received an award through the 4-H Iowa Film Festival.
If there is one word to describe the both of them it is “self-ownership.” MacKenzie and Andrew both own who they are. They are unique and determined individuals who have branched out to new things. They both mentioned two other classmates: Keep an eye on Carson Nibe – “He has brilliant and funky ideas.” The other classmate they spoke of was Jesus Dominguez who came from Mexico, who is hard-working, and who needed to become a “bread winner” for his family.   
Last month, I shared with you WMU President Dunn’s 10 simple tips for living. Let me share with you some insightful tips from recent graduates MacKenzie Jarvis and Andrew Smith:
  • Pick your battles
  • What you do today and what you plan on doing tomorrow leads to success
  • There is always a path to reach what you want
  • And there is always a better way to do something; so don’t settle for the status quo.
  • The Story City Meat Locker is an inspiration – Ty and Bobbi Gustafson had a dream and DID IT
  • It’s o.k. to make money, but be frugal and have an investment plan
  • It’s great to see one’s work; it’s even greater if it has meaning
  • You don’t need the great big house.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to debate; it opens up your eyes to what others think. (Thank you Mr. Bowman – they both enjoyed the debate part of your class).
  • People that think of ideas have great minds - Andrew read this on a tombstone while mowing at the Roland cemetery.
Finally, what does Story City mean to the both of them? What’s great about the community is you don’t worry about crime like you do in other cities in the United States or other countries (e.g., Mexico). It’s nice to be connected, and Story City is in that sweet spot – small community, but close to Ames and Des Moines.
Best of luck MacKenzie and Andrew and to other The Road Not Taken graduates!
Mark A. Jackson
City Administrator

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