- en lille smagsprøve /smakprov på, hvor vigtig organiseringen af arbejdet er for personlig velvære /hälsa og kreativitet samt organisationens effektivitet og produktivitet.  

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"Getting to Green" with ØresundSynergy  -  in this edition:
See our Video about what Tzatziki has to do with Work Innovation

Learn about the Demand Control model behind the game
and create organizational learning and innovative capabilities
though new ways of working in your organization!

What does Tzatziki have to do with Innovative Work Organization?

ØresundSynergy's Tzatziki-game is a work organization simulation game that uses different work organization designs for simple food preparation. Through engaging in this food preparation process in work teams following four dramatically different sets of work rules (related the Demand/Control model), participants develop hands-on, practical experience of innovation, stress, motivation, output, creative collaboration, boredom and frustration that is more powerfully understood than the most enlightening lecture. This is work organization transformed into Theater.

The debriefing session and reflection following the game process reviews theory and results: how different types of work organization affect health, innovation and productivity. Participants’ instantaneous personal reactions inherent in the game process enable them to fully understand the theoretical concepts behind the work organization’s affects on worker wellbeing - and the result of the work performed by the teams clearly proves that innovative output, quality of work and quantitative productivity are affected by the different work organization designs.
New forms of work organization develop company’s innovative (creative and adaptive) capacity. Book Tzatziki-game-event here

ØresundSynergy also offers: 
Tzatziki Workshop 

For more information about what we can do for just your organization contact us here: Eva Ørum General Manager & Work and Organizational Psychologist (cand.psych.) ØresundSynergy

Robert Karasek
Director, ØresundSynergy and the JCQ Center 
Emeritus Professor, Department of Work Environment, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA
Emeritus Professor, Work and Organizational Psychology, Institute for Psychology, Copenhagen University, Denmark

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We offer courses, workshops and counselling in health and innovation for both companies and employees.

ØresundSynergy is a competency pool of skilled practitioners and research collaborators with decades of local Danish, Swedish, Belgian and US experience in humane and effective work organization redesign and analysis - for both organizational innovation and for employee well-being and health improvement. We are world leaders in work organization research tool development and health research, we have a global span of active contacts, and we design state-of-the-art. ØresundSynergy aims to keep European Companies healthier, and their Workforces healthier.

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