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Job Content Questionnaire 2.0

New Job Content Questionnaire 2.0 - JCQ2 

Our goal with the JCQ 2 has been to create an instrument to provide measurement for the next generation of psychosocial work environment research challenges. The original JCQ's Demand-Control-Support model (D/C/S model) is extended to those aspects of work experience that lie beyond the task (and now even beyond the organization) - ever more important in our real world today. 

Thus, the JCQ2 includes many new scales: both expanded Task level scales, and new Organization and External level scales - with substantially enhanced predictive power.  This multiple, 3-level work-effects assessment format allows testing and confirmation of the much more general, and thus potentially more powerful version of the D/C/S Model: based on Stress-Disequilibrium and Conducivity Theory: the new Associationalist D/C Model version (the “A-D/C Model”).
The JCQ 2 User Version (39 questions) is designed with user-friendly shortness for practitioners, it includes full coverage of work organizational and related work policy issues, and it includes coverage of a theoretically integrated set of predictive concepts in the now necessary in a multi-level manner.  The User version achieves this coverage in a short instrument albeit at the cost of limited internal psychometric scale validation possibly by Users (it does include a set of core questions from the original JCQ 1.0).  

The JCQ2 Researcher Version (79 questions) is intended to fulfill the major research goals of the JCQ2 to develop a new scientific instrument that is an empirically valid and theoretically developmental expansion of the JCQ 1 questionnaire, and allows psychometric validation for almost all scales, enhanced predictive accuracy, and more clearly articulated sub-scale coverage across range of scales than the User Version.  

We hope that these two JCQ2 versions answer the next generation of work content questions in chronic disease epidemiology (cardio hearth disease, mental strain), for public health policy makers, and for work and organizational psychologists and sociologists. And we hope now also - with our external/macro level questions and multi-level theory - to open up a more robust research dialogue with social policy researchers and economists in the areas of work and employment.
The JCQ2 is expected to be available in late summer 2015.

Source: Robert Karasek, Director of the JCQ Center and Director of Øresund Synergy.

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The Job Content Questionnaire 2.0
(JCQ2) Many New Features and Theory




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Robert Karasek
Director, ØresundSynergy and the JCQ Center 
Emeritus Professor, Department of Work Environment, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA
Emeritus Professor, Work and Organizational Psychology, Institute for Psychology, Copenhagen University, Denmark

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