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September 3, 2013
Contact: Anna Nix

Cuccinelli Campaign Statement on McAuliffe’s False Policy Attacks
Springfield, Va. – The Cuccinelli for Governor Campaign today released the following statement in response to Terry McAuliffe’s false and misleading attacks on Ken Cuccinelli’s Economic Growth and Virginia Jobs Plan and his K-12 Education Plan.
"Having lost the argument that he is a job creator and with an economic policy devoid of specific numbers, Terry McAuliffe has resorted to garbled misrepresentations of Ken Cuccinelli's plans for economic growth and education reform.  The reality is that Ken Cuccinelli's economic plan is financed by eliminating corporate tax loopholes that promote crony capitalism and capping the rate of growth in government spending. He is not proposing reductions to education funding and he is suggesting increased flexibility at the local level that will allow us to stretch existing education investments even further.  The bottom line is that Ken Cuccinelli's jobs plan will create 50,000 jobs without any impact on school financing and his education plan will empower parents so that every Virginia child has the opportunity to receive a great education." – Anna Nix, Spokeswoman 
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