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"Enough talk, Lets do it!"

Way back in September 2010 my friend Ben Elliston sent me an email. It started with just one simple line:

"OK, enough talk, lets do it".

It was
time to get started on a way for Canberrans to invest in medium and large scale community solar. There had been lots of solar activity in the ACT that year, but not everyone has an opportunity to get involved in the transition to a renewable energy economy. If you are someone like me who rents then where will you put your solar panels? What about others who want to do something but don't have the few thousand dollars you need to for a solar power system for your own home? 

With so many barriers to getting involved we knew we had to do something. A few of us had been inspired by the success of Hepburn Community Wind Farm, so not to be outdone, we started on the journey to making community solar a reality for Canberra. 



This week we launched SolarShare, which is now open to registrations from members of our community. On Thursday at the launch we had Simon Corbell, ACT Minster for the Environment and Sustainable Development join us along with ABC 666 and the Canberra times and after a quick couple of speeches our first members of the community registered to be part of the solar farm. 

The SolarShare website is now up and running and you're invited to register. This will allocate portion of the solar farm just for you, so that when we release our disclosure document later this year you will already have a part of the solar farm set aside. 

Signing off,
From Lawrie and The Canberra Clean Energy : SolarShare Team

PS Did you know we are currently on track to be the first operational community solar farm in Australia? You too can be a part of the shift to where communities have an important part to play in our energy choices
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