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Dear Adventure Traveler,

We have some great news for those itching to dust off their boots and get your legs back on "the track". Tasmania has opened its borders to SA, WA, Qld, NT, and ACT last month and poised to open its borders to NSW any day now. Travel between VIC and Tasmania has also been flagged to commence on 1 December.

We’re gearing up for a big year of adventures in Tasmania, and across Australia and would love to see your faces out on tour. For many of us, it’s been too long and we’re ready to breathe in the fresh air of the mountains again!

We have 4 adventures that cover all the best walking destinations in Tasmania. Check them out below. To see all our upcoming Australian & NZ Tours click HERE.

To help get everyone back on 'the track' we are offering a $0 deposit! 

It is good to plan and dream about what's coming next, and when you are ready we are a phone call or email away. 


Bay of Fires - Tasmania

 Departure: 10 Dec 2020
Cost: from $2060 per person, twin share

Tasmania's East Coast

Departure: 13 February 2021
Cost: from $2100 per person, twin share

Bruny Island Tasmania 

Departure: 2020-2021
Cost: $2640 per person, twin share (single supplement $550)

Cradle Mountain - Tasmania 

Departure: 2021-2022
Cost: $2940 per person twin share (single supplement $880)


I think it is safe to say that we have all experienced the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic in some way this year. And while it’s been a challenge for us here in Australia, the impact has been much more catastrophic on low and middle-income countries such as Nepal, both in terms of health and the economy. Many of you have traveled with me to Nepal, and if not you would have likely seen and read how close the people there are to my heart.

In 2019, Nepal hosted 1.19 million foreign tourists (including some of you!) and we saw the development of the ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ campaign. This aimed to attract 2 million tourists, generate $2 billion, and create thousands of new jobs. However, on 23 January, the first case of imported COVID-19 was detected in Nepal and by March the whole country went into lockdown. This was followed by massive cancellations of hotel and tourist bookings followed, resulting in widespread unemployment, loss of income, and threatened livelihoods for thousands. Since then, Nepal has recorded over 170,000 cases in total of COVID-19, and just this weekend, the country has seen a spike in COVID-19 deaths and infections. 

Unfortunately, they do not have the health infrastructure to support the influx of cases, and some hospitals, especially in the big cities like Kathmandu are having to turn away even serious cases. The stress of this along with social isolation and fear is having major impacts on people’s mental health.

I recently sent out a call to action to the Travelers in our community who have gone on an adventure in Nepal. To ask for the support of our host family, the Ghale's, who have been with us on treks as our guide and hosted us in their home time and time again. I just want to say a huge thank you to those who have generously donated to the family.


I have been supporting the Ghale family for over 20 years in various ways, and will always continue to give them assistance whenever I can. However, with the impacts of the virus on my own business there is only so much I can do - this is where you come in! So many of us have come to grow fond of this family. I am sure that you can all remember a fun moment that you had on your trip with TB Ghale and how he looked after you on the trek keeping you safe from danger and providing that extra little attention that you would have not been given otherwise.

Sadly, TB has had no work since February, and since then his savings have all but dried up. He has been unable to pay rent for the past 4 months and is struggling to pay for food and gas to feed his family of 4. In addition to his financial situation, I am concerned about his mental state. The impact goes beyond TB, his children are also suffering as they have been unable to go to school since March as education systems remain closed. 

There is something so special about Nepal and it is heartbreaking to think that vulnerable families, already facing poverty are at serious risk of further hardship due to Covid19. Asha Ghale, TB’s daughter, is no exception. For her safety Asha returned to her village in March just as the pandemic started to have an impact on Nepalese life. Since March schools in Nepal have remained closed and will remain closed indefinitely. For those who are fortunate to study online schooling will survive, but sadly those like Asha who have returned to their village will not have the opportunity to study online due to  malfunctioning internet access. All transport in Nepal for the past 6 months has been mobilized, hospitals are at full capacity, and only those in Government or high positions will be allowed to be admitted to hospital if they are suffering from Covid 19.

I have set up a Nepal Fundraising Appeal to support the Ghale family, to donate, please make a direct deposit to the following account and reference Nepal Fundraising Appeal.

The money raised by this community will not be sent to the Ghale family as a lump sum, but instead sent every 2 months over the next 12 months to provide a steady flow of assistance.

Nepal Fundraising Appeal

Westpac Banking Corporation

Swift Code: WPACAU2S


Account No 444978

Some travelers have requested that their donation be forwarded to TB's nephew Dil Ghale who has also guided and assisted on their trek and that Dil and many others are also suffering. I will ensure that this reaches Dil and his family. It’s important to remember the Nepalese communities are quite different from ours. They are a collectivist society. They share resources and food and are often grouped in large family units. And so, when you help one family, the flow-on effect will be great towards neighbouring families. 

In addition, I wanted to let you know, that as well as helping TB and his family to buy food, kerosene and water for day-to-day living, we are working on a plan for the future to create a more sustainable income for the Ghale family. I know that TB would like to return to his village and start up a business whether it be farming goats, organic farming, or a small shop etc. However, he will be unable to start without initial financial backing. In the hopes of seeking sponsorship, I have asked his trekking employer to help TB put together a business plan, explaining that anyone investing in any type of business overseas will need to see one. 

Anyhow, this is all in the future planning, in the meantime donations towards the Nepal Fundraising Appeal will continue to be filtered periodically to both TB in Kathmandu and his family in the village which will help sustain them through winter and towards Spring 2021. After that, if tourism in Nepal does not return and the industry faces a further crisis, we will revisit the plan for TB to set up a small business so that he can work and support his family without continued assistance from past clients and myself.  

Finally, I would like to update everyone with regards to Saraswati School and funding, for everyone who has come along on that journey with us. The children of Lindfield East Public School have raised a further $1950 and this money will go towards, repairing the amenities block, and repainting the school. All schools in Nepal have been closed. For the children at Saraswati, there is no internet so, therefore, no further education. This is challenging, but if we can work to improve the amenities in the meantime, we can ensure that it’s a safe and functional space to return to. 

It’s easy to feel helpless during this time. There is so much pain and suffering and isolation going all around us. But as Mother Teresa once said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”

We have an opportunity to support this family together. While we can’t be there to physically rebuild a home, a new toilet block or school, and while we can’t help the economy through our travels - we can do this!

I know we are a generous bunch and I hope that you will join me in giving what you can to make a difference in this family’s life. As you know - a little goes a very long way in Nepal!

Warmest Regards, 

Lyn Taylor 

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