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Don't let terrorism stop you travelling... consider this. Whilst we have to accept that we live with a global threat of terrorism, the threat level to the UK and most of Europe (including France), it is HIGH, USA is GENERAL, so in theory, it's safer travelling. Don't let perceptions cloud your dreams; Tourists often, and understandably, have reservations about visiting countries that have been affected by terrorism.

Our heart goes out to all of those people in the Sri Lanka attack who were injured and whose family or friends died 
  • If something good happens, travel to celebrate.
  • If something bad happens, travel to forget it.
  • If nothing happens, keep on traveling.

Quote of the Month 

"The best things in life are the people you love, the places you've seen and the memories you've made along the way."
Women's adventure travel
On a lighter note we asked some of our female guests why they love our women’s adventure travel vacations, and what they think is unique about Lyn Taylor’s Adventure Travel trips.

Here’s what they say are the - 

Top 10 Reasons they love our women’s vacation packages

“I loved being with women of all ages who have such an adventurous spirit”.
"It gives us the freedom to do what we want, when we want, without having to please someone else…”
“Not having travelled with a bunch of women before I found out how much fun I could have”
“I went on vacation by myself for the first time, and it was a joy to feel a sense of freedom."
“To be myself, enjoy lots of laughs with my fellow companions, cry, sing be absolutely foolish as if I were a teenager again. Bring it on”
“There was tremendous support, encouragement and bonding that occurred within our group, and all without the benefit of… cosmetics!” Well some of us anyway!
“Even though I was in a group, travelling on my own gave me confidence to go out there and conquer the world.
“I met women of such diverse backgrounds, from across the globe, who have become ‘forever’ friends”
“There’s no pressure or competitiveness. It was comfortable and everyone was ready for anything… the planned and the unplanned! That was part of the adventure!”
“I thought that I would not like being with a group of women on a trip because having a balance of men and women seemed the norm! How wrong I was, we had an absolute ball."

Here are some of our Women Only trips on offer for

in 2019 and 2020.

Laparinta Hike
Persia (Iran) (New Tour)
North India and Rajasthan
Southern India
Nepal Trekking and Wildlife
Ethiopia (New Tour)
Bali Indulgence Tour


Many of our tours are designed specifically for the guests wanting a tailored trip to suit their needs and budget. For example we have designed family trips to Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Fiji. Partner and individual trips to Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, South America, Fiji, Morocco, Turkey, Israel, Egypt Japan Iran, Ethiopia, Scandinavia, Africa. In fact we can help you plan your trip to any country, it does not have to be an adventurous holiday it can be a road trip or even a River Cruise. We are here to find and design the right trip for you. So why not email us on

Let me introduce you to...

Let me introduce you to a young Nepalese Girl named Asha who lived in a very remote
village in Nepal.

When Asha was 10 she missed 2 years of school, because she was selected by her family to stay home and look after her grandfather who had a stroke and could not walk or talk. Asha was chosen as her grandfather’s primary career, as her mother was busy looking after the farm and her younger daughters. At that time Asha’s father was away working as a porter for trekking groups and trying to support his family.
During those years that I visited and stayed with the family I saw how dedicated Asha was to her grandfather’s needs, feeding, washing and toileting. I felt sad because as an 8 year old she was doing the work of an adult, and realised that she was not only missing out on schooling but her childhood years of making new friends at school and having fun would never be replaced.

During those years Asha became a grown up young lady, going about chores that an 8 year old should never have to do, but she never complained. Later she returned to school and of course had to repeat a class but managed to pass her exams. When the Warren Family who were on a trek in Nepal offered to sponsor a child I immediately thought of Asha as being the most deserving child to be given a chance to further her education in the big city of Kathmandu.

Whilst in Kathmandu I did some research by visiting several schools. I decided on Angel Heart Higher Secondary School which had a good reputation and was founded by 2 brothers who also lived their childhood years in a remote area of Nepal, so they were compassionate to Asha and her education requirements. Another bonus was that the school is situated within walking distance to where Asha would live with her father in a small 1 bedroom flat. This is where Asha lives today with her father and 2 younger brothers. Choosing this school also meant that Asha did not have to board and it would reduce the fees and make the payments more affordable for the Warrens Family.

Asha is a very dedicated student who attends 3 hours of tuition at school both morning and afternoon 6 days per week. Asha starts school at 6am and finishes at 7pm and never complains as she knows like all school students in Nepal that education is the key to success.

Asha has just completed year 10 and looking for a new sponsor or sponsors to help her finish her final 2 years of school and hopefully further her studies in college. We have set up a Go Fund Page so that you can help. We would like to thank the Warren Family for their generosity in supporting Asha the past 5 years of school in Kathmandu
Support Asha now on GoFundMe
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