Nepal Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake 2015

This home as well as 92 homes destroyed
Our support school damaged      
On April 25th a catastrophic 7.9 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal. With reports of over 4,000 lives lost, I am so thankful to be safe along with many of the Nepali families that I have very close relationships with. While I am grateful to be safe, I am deeply saddened by the lives lost, damage sustained from cities to villages, and the great suffering in Nepal. I am truly humbled by the countless emails, messages and calls of concern I have received from my friends and those who have travelled with me before who are concerned about the wellbeing of the people they met in their travels.

After travelling to and working in Nepal for over 20 years I have developed very strong relationships with a few remote village communities. Through these relationships we have helped build and support three schools in the region of the Earthquake Epicentre. However tragically as a result of the quake, three of these schools unfortunately have been either flattened or partially damaged along with 92 homes, along with many lives lost as well valuable livestock.

Because of the remote location of these villages, many are unable to get the help that they need. While the village people are very strong, there are currently only women, children and elderly dealing with the destruction. The younger men work in the cities and are beginning to make the long journey home to their villages.
While the immediate relief effort is supported by organisations such as the UN, MSF and Red Cross, into the longer term there will be a need for much support in the rebuilding effort. To support this I have set up a fundraising account to raise money that will go direct to the people in the remote villages that are otherwise not reached, this money will not be filtered through any other organisation. We will collect funds over the next 6-12 months so that they can be properly utilised so as to see the greatest amount of effectiveness. The money we raise will go towards the purchasing of goats, buffalo and chickens, as well as materials for building anyone's home that cannot be salvaged.

Nepalese societies are very resilient, there are many skilled tradesmen and creative individuals who time and time again face trials and find solutions. I have every faith in their ability to rise from the wreckage even stronger with their hearts set on the future.
So please join me in helping the people of Nepal get back on their feet, by donating to….
BSB:032196 Account: 458908 Westpac Mona Vale.
Lyn Taylor,
Lyn Taylor Adventure Travel
or visit my online donation page
I had two clients in Nepal at the time, they had returned from Everest area on the Friday.  Alexis was waiting for a flight out and fortunately was safe in the garden of her hotel at the time. Sue had flown out to Chitwan that morning. She stayed at the Australian Embassy  before flying on  to Bangkok. Alexis, like me, stayed in the hotel garden until she too could fly safely out to Bangkok.  Both ladies have told me how sad they were to leave Nepal, they had made many close relationships and plan to return at some point.

I hope to returm to Nepal in November with a client, we will try to get to the village and assess where the funds donated can be best utilised.

We have no treks planned until late this year,  Anapurna will be OK for trekking then and we will watch and see what other regions will be open.

Extracts from my facebook posts - how great that  I could let friends and family know that I was OK.

Well you probably been wondering what has been happening these past few days after the huge quake registering I was told 8.9 on the r scale.I was in the Kings Palace museum which is a 72 room building with only one way in and one way out! Funny how one enters a building and does not take notice of how to get out. Well this will never never happen to me again and I hope to you all out there!
One does not have time to think when an earthquake happens whether 5 or 10 on the scale, it is those seconds between when what is happening to you and what you do in this situation. Fortunately my brain kicked in and I grabbed the 5 girls and their mother and headed to a door, we all clung to each other for safety. It was possibly only 3 minutes boy it felt like 3 hours before a security guard came and showed us the way out, I was the only western person with about 50 Nepalese, they were screaming but fortunately not stampeding. We made it outside to the grass area and hit the ground. Then after 15 mins another hit, but I knew we were safe. It was unusually cold for this time of year, but some did not have jackets and together with shock and cold you begin to shake.

We sat there for 5 hours then I decided to move us to the Yak and Yeti 5 star hotel a 5 minute walk and where I have been staying with my groups for 15 years. We walked down the middle of the road for safety arrived at the hotel and was provided with a room that has access to the garden, but I decided the best place to sleep was the garden, I have been there for 3 nights, met many lovely people. The girls returned to their room yesterday morning after Shanti and I went to the other hotel to collect my luggage I did not see a lot of damage on the way.
Today I had my first shower before that I was too frightened to not only go to the toilet let alone get my clothes off. Last night we once again slept outside, there were 3 after shocks one at 6.4 everyone in the Kathmandu valley were advised to sleep outside layout night and NOT to be in their homes. Guess what it, it stormed all night with heavy rain, we were under tent shelter and safe but I could not sleep thinking about thousands of people sitting in the rain all night without shelter. This morning I took a taxi to the Australian embassy to register, they had many tents in the garden for those who did not wish to stay in Thamel. I have not ventured to the other end of Thamel New Road Durbur square which was worst hit.

We were there the previous day on the tower which  collapsed and killed many people, we were in Durbar Square where again many were killed and all 17 century temples destroyed. I have palled up with some journalists who were here not for the earthquake but a work study and they have ventured out to the most affected areas of Kathmandu, and have returned with stories that would shatter anyone.

On a lighter side! I have the Prime Minister of Bhutan staying in the next room and the other side the Health Minister of Bhutan on the other side, so feeling safe to sleep in the room tonight.
I am so very sad to let all of you that have who joined me on a visit to TB's home and his Uncle Chabi's home that all has been destroyed 35 houses have been lost. I am not sure how many if any lives have been lost. Fortunately the quake hit at midday when most are outside the home, many animals have been killed. Those who have lost homes are living in make shift tarpaulin covers. I have been told that Saraswati school has lost one wall and Shree Basari School is intact. The primary school next to TBs home has collapsed. TB phoned me today advising me of the news, he has taken his family to Chitwan (a safe area unaffected by the earthquake) and is returning to the village to help his family salvage as much as possible and help the village rebuild. At least in the village they have fresh water and less likely of disease and are able to grow crops for food. It will be hard work for these people but they are very resilient and they have the materials to rebuild.

Tonight we have just felt a slight tremor, but more now in Bangladesh and Darjeeling area tonight was the first time that I have shed tears, before all was surreal now it is reality. Leaving for the airport at 7am I feel like I am deserting a sinking ship, but in my heart I know can help these people more from my home than being here in Nepal. Maybe some of you may remember when we left TBs village to go to Pokhara we went via Gorkha that area and Barpak was the epicentre of the quake and many many people in that area have lost their life. The Indian and Chinese government have been sending in helicopters to this area not only to rescue but to take bodies to Pasapatinath for cremation.

There are only 3 people from the hotel sleeping outside tonight and I am one of them. Fresh air is good to heal the soul.

If anyone would like to make a donation please transfer to

Account: 458908
Westpac Mona Vale.

or visit my online donation page
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