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Tax Updates For Owner Operators

Tax changes occur on a yearly basis, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on how they may affect you. To ensure you receive the dollars you’ve earned this tax season, take a look at these new changes:
  • Section 179/Bonus Depreciation: The limit for writing off qualified property has been increased to $500,000. 
  • Payroll Tax Holiday: Has been eliminated. This change eliminates the old 2% Social Security Tax Holiday that began in 2011 to help boost the economy.
  • IRS Delays in 2012 Tax Season: The IRS did not process any tax returns before January 30, 2013. Some IRS forms are not yet available to the public or preparers – notably Form 4562 (used by truckers to depreciate capital assets like tractors and trailers).
  • Refund Update: The “Where’s My Refund?” website is available at This will help users determine an estimated return date.  
  • Per Diem: Deduction rate remains the same as 2012, at 80% of $59.00 per day.
  • For more information and details, read the full article by clicking here.

Kids Love Trucks Too!

Trevor S., who lives in Stephensville, Mich., came to Freightliner on his 11th birthday to take a ride in one of our trucks. We received this letter from Trevor shortly after:
“Thank you for the truck ride at Freightliner. I like your semi. My favorite part was seeing the cab, and I loved sitting in the driver seat. The best truck was the blue one. Thank you for the toy truck and truck list.
You’re a very nice person. It was the greatest birthday ever!”
Glad you had a great time, Trevor, and happy birthday from the team at Freightliner!

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The Latest From Freightliner Of Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo

We have two exciting pieces of news to share.

1. Our Operation Injured Soldier campaign was a huge success! $1,000 was raised for this wonderful Michigan-based organization that provides so much for our American service people.
2. SelecTrucks of Michigan is currently running the Triple Play Program, a great option to receive more for your truck purchase. Valuing $3,000 each, SelecTrucks customers choose one of the following:
  • 100 % down payment match up to $3,000
  • New tire assistance up to $3,000
  • Fuel card with a value of $3,000

Contact one of our SelecTrucks sales folks today for more info!

Mark's Maintenance Tip

Mark serves Freightliner as Director of Service for both our Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo locations, and has been an employee for 14 years – so he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to trucking! Each month, Mark reveals some great tips to help customers maintain their equipment and troubleshoot common problems. Mark’s tips may even help save you a trip to the shop! Remember, we’re always here if you need to visit in person – or give our professional service and parts departments a call.

Q: What is DEF?
A: DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is an organic, non-toxic compound made of 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water. When added to diesel exhaust, DEF helps neutralize NOx emissions. It is a product carefully regulated by the American Petroleum Institute.
The typical usage of DEF is 2% of fuel consumption. It can be monitored using DDEC reports (for DDE engines). If DEF usage is high, it’s possible that it is poor quality – in this case, codes will be logged to effectively treat NOx. If DEF usage is high, test with a refractometer to determine quality. Using a good quality DEF will result in good conversion and typical usage. If you have further questions about DEF, please give us a call!

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