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New year brings veski: new horizons

The past few weeks have provided numerous occasions for veski to engage new and established connections. From our successful veski residency with Dr Siobhán Jordan from Scotland to the announcement of two inaugural fellowship programs, one by the Minister for Agriculture and one by the Governor of Victoria supported by the Minister for Innovation and the Victorian Lead Scientist, veski has continued to benefit from your support and involvement.

On behalf of the veski board and our new chair, Professor Ian Smith, I wish you all the best for the festive season and thank you for your support throughout 2015.

I am also pleased to present an update on our recent activities and a look at veski: new horizons.

veski residency with
Dr Siobhán Jordan

The 2015 veski residency with Dr Siobhán Jordan, Director Interface Scotland, was not only timely as Australians debated the innovation agenda, but also it catalysed industry leaders, sectors and Government to really look at ways that business can access academia for the benefit of economic development.

Minister announces inaugural veski sustainable agricultural fellowships

A new app to help Victorian winemakers map ‘pepper’ levels in Shiraz, a collaboration with farmers and researchers using sensors to choose the perfect pear for new markets, and a world record attempt for Australian maize growers are all being supported through the inaugural veski sustainable agricultural fellowships announced by the Minister for Agriculture.

First female Governor of Victoria presents the inaugural inspiring women fellowships

Four Australian women who may have compromised attaining the full potential of their research careers in order to raise young families have been given the financial support they need, and most importantly backing from their institutions, to continue their work as the inaugural inspiring women fellows, presented by the first female Governor of Victoria.