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Dearest Eaters-

I LOVE Thanksgiving. It's one of the few secular holidays. It's focused around food. It gets friends and family together to break bread and rejoice. What's not to love? Well, a lot actually (especially if you aren't a delusional white person who buys that whole "indian pilgrim" narrative). And so, I'm conflicted!!!

My love for Thanksgiving is overshadowed by a brutal and divisive history that justifies the taking and breaking of indigenous people. I'm not trying to be a "Debbie Downer" here...but c'mon guys...we can't ignore this stuff!!

I'm probably the only person on earth who attempts to promote a Thanksgiving Market with an opening like that, eh? But, I can't help but be REAL...and don't worry, there's a positive spin in the end, I promise...

I read a powerful article in the Times that really made an impression on me. It reinforced my "fresh" positive take on a very controversial (and hurtful) holiday. The title of the article is this: The Thanksgiving Tale We Tell Is a Harmful Lie. As a Native American, I've Found a Better Way to Celebrate the Holiday. After a bit of startling history concerning the white-washed version of this national holiday, Sherman, the author, goes on to say this:

"we do not need the poisonous “pilgrims and Indians” narrative. We do not need that illusion of past unity to actually unite people today. Instead, we can focus simply on values that apply to everybody: togetherness, generosity and gratitude. And we can make the day about what everybody wants to talk and think about anyway: the food."

So, with that folks, let's talk about FOOD. Let's not forget the past. Let's make better choices in the future. Let's let FOOD unite us with the earth & each other.

(and not just any food)

REAL FOOD from REAL FARMERS who take REAL GOOD CARE of the earth...(like me with these ridiculously big turnips)
If there's one meal you shouldn't cut corners on, THIS IS IT. The Brookside Thanksgiving Market is one-stop-shopping for ethical eats. The market will be overflowing with the harvest bounty: hand-crafted ingredients from KC's most discerning growers. For me, this holiday is all about love for the good earth, reaping its fruits, and sharing with those you love. You just can't insert canned green beans in this equation...and certainly not Butterball Turkey! (speaking of turkey, you might wanna reserve a free-range bird from David's Pasture before they run out) 

And now, how about some hard facts pertaining to the URBAVORE harvest - 
  • We'll be toting Sweet Potatoes Galore (both orange and white flesh). We'll be running a bulk discount: 10 pounds or more at $2/lb compared to our regular price of $2.50/lb so that you can make obnoxious quantities of pies, soups, and mashes.
  • Stunning Watermelon Radishes will be abundant for show-stopping platters & salads, along with radiant Purple Daikons, and sinister Black Spanish Radishes (cleared the field of those black velvet babies today!)
  • Golden Roasting Turnips will make a last stand, and sexy Purple Top Turnips will be piled high with nutrient-dense greens intact.
  • Gourmet SPUDS will be overflowing in four colorful varieties: Purple Majesty, Carola, Mountain Rose, and Desiree.
  • We'll have flavor-packed pastured LARD for savory dishes as well as silky LEAF LARD for pies, cookies, and pastries. (nothing like using local, organic-fed fat for your holiday preparations)
  • Our new line of organic-fed, pasture-raised PORK will make its season debut. Unctuous. Mind-blowing. Link to updated menu below. Pre-orders welcome. Email before Friday at noon.
Updated Pork Menu
Cuts. Prices. Recipes.
And now I'd better stop rambling...for crying out loud there is FOOD PORN in the form of "Brooke's favorite Thanksgiving recipes" for you to ogle over. Some of the recipes are old standbys that I can't help but include every year because they are SO DAMN GOOD, and others are brand newbies that caught my well-trained eye and I'm DYING TO TRY THEM. I even broke things into categories because my OCD is at a high ten!!

I hope these tantalizing images awaken your inner gastronome...

See you Saturday!

Yours Truly,

Farmer Brooke & The URBAVORE Crew

P.S. If you too were inspired by the aforementioned article, and you'd like to explore some Native American recipes for your holiday feast, check-out these recipes from indigenous chefs. The Red Bean Soup with Spiced Sunflower Seeds looks particularly delicious!
Hand selected recipes for seasonal eating and holiday feasting!
Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar & Pecans
*a classic dish without marshmallows!!
Sweet Potato & Pork Stuffing
*gluten-free & paleo
Creamy Sweet Potato Soup
*an all-time favorite for the holidays
Thanksgiving Skillet Pizza
*can't wait to try this one with mashed sweet pots as the sauce!!
Sweet Potato Tortilla
*from this month's FEAST magazine
Sweet Potato Pecan Puree
*I highly recommend this dish
Dad's Sweet Potato Pie
*I use organic cream instead of evaporated milk. Best sweet potato pie EVER.
Shaved Radish Salad with Mint
*Our Watermelon Radishes & Purple Daikons steal the show
Turnip Gratin
*truly the best turnip recipe in the world
*our multi-colored gourmet spuds are a perfect sub for mashed taters
Cranberry Brown Sugar Pork Chops
*What an incredible (and easy) Thanksgiving main. Our premium Porterhouse Chops would make this dish extra special...
Pork Braised in Milk & Fresh Herbs
*This classic Italian preparation is just the thing for our Boston Butt Shoulder Roasts...fall apart delicious with a creamy gravy to boot...
Fennel Leek & Orange Osso Buco
*I am so delighted to offer this unique cut of meat from the shank of the hog. This recipe offers a wonderful alternative to Thanksgiving turkey.
Brookside Thanksgiving Market
Our Most Bountiful Market of the Year

This Saturday, 9 to NOON
HCA Midwest Health
6675 Holmes Rd. KCMO 64131
*Rockhill & Holmes
Enter through Parking Lot B
Park at the Curry Educational Center
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