Ravishing Roots...

Dearest Eaters,

Seriously - all season long, week after week, customers are harassing me, demanding to know "when will the watermelon radishes be ready". Their eyes are wide, there is desperation in their voice, even a hint of panic. Let's face it, they're addicted to my dirt and they need their drug of choice fast!

Well folks, no more jonesing. They're here. They are effin HERE! Come and get 'em this Saturday at the one & only Brookside Farmers' Market. We open at 8!

And while you're at it, get your jaws on some of our equally addictive fall favorites:
Seductive Hirosaki Red Turnips will be piled high. They've got smooth white flesh with a hint of sweetness. Eat 'em raw in salads, slice and dip in hummus, or throw them in your favorite asian stir-fry. Greens kick ass too!
Our totally epic Purple Daikon Radishes will have you swooning. Their white flesh is bedazzled with lilac. They have a mild crispness that makes them perfect for any raw endeavor whether we're talking simple salads or gorgeous platters. We like 'em sliced into match sticks, splashed with fresh lime juice, and topped on tacos!
Our pure white Hakurai Salad Turnips are a long-standing favorite. So sweet & supple (kinda like that little dumpling in the photo!). 
Our Russian Kale is fantastic this Fall (despite the fact that we haven't gotten a single drop of rain!!). It's smooth, sweet, and nutty. Great raw in salads or sautéed. 
Rejoice! Our famous Bloomsdale Spinach is back on the menu. So dense, crunchy, meaty, and packed with nutrients. You'll be eating it out of the bag like potato chips!
Pepepry & perfect Arugula!! This fantastic salad green is so versatile. We eat it in place of lettuce, shred it on top of pizzas, throw it in pastas, and turn it into pesto. Heck yeah!!!
Leeks! Luscious leeks. Can't go wrong with this fall staple. Oh so buttery and flavorful. They sell-out fast so come early for these babies!

In other news...

The great Sweet Potato Harvest of 2020 has come and gone! We spent the last several weeks wrangling these tasty tubers out of rock hard soil - dang we need some rain! The crop is curing now, turning those starches into sugar and making for some tasty treats down the line. They'll hit the market tables next Saturday the 24th.
As the season winds down many of our volunteers and apprentices will move on to less ass-kicking affairs! We are SO SO THANKFUL for their blood, sweat, and laughter over these past 7 months. It's been a very hard season amidst Covid and all the (to be expected) challenges that plague a small-scale regenerative farm in the age of climate change. It ain't easy being green, but our hearty big-hearted crew has made it possible for me and Dan to survive yet another season. Big shout-out to Becca, Jeremy, Brian, Ryan, and Ben. We love you guys!!!
And finally, a Pastured Pork update! Our herd of heritage hogs moved into the peach orchard yesterday afternoon. This is a wonderful time of year to be a hog on pasture. The weather is cooling, the leaves are falling from the trees, the sun is gracing their big buxom bodies, and scrumptious weeds, grubs, and tasty vittles riddle the orchard floor. Trunks make for excellent scratching posts too! Next week the hogs will move on to a fallow vegetable field cover cropped with peas, oats, and sunn hemp. Not a bad life!
On the other side of things, the heartfelt harvest is underway. Five hogs went to the processor last week, another three go at the end of the month. So on and so forth. This is an emotional process for me. Ethical meat production means love and loss. There is sacrifice. There is mourning. There is (for me anyway) a lot of questioning. Is this the right thing to do? We are in year three of pastured pork production. A couple of vegetarian vegetable farmers turned meat producers. It's a wild ride, and while I truly believe this is some of the best meat you could possibly eat - I also believe that it is dangerous to get too comfortable with the process. These are animals, first and foremost. Not just a product on your dinner table. It is an absolute privilege to consume them. Don't take it lightly. We'll have an amazing selection of organic-fed pork by the end of the month with more coming throughout the winter. With every single exquisite bite, I hope you feel an intense sense of gratitude for these noble creatures that have so intimately touched my soul and graced my fields.
And with that light-hearted sentiment, I'll sign-off!

See you Saturday locavores.


Farmer Brooke & Crew
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