INSIDE the LAB | Issue No. 2 | May 4, 2016
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“This is going to be HUGE!”
The Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate has set a precedent for being on the cutting edge of Technology Transfer (T2) within the Air Force labs. One big way we’ve been able to amp it up, is through using our Partnership Intermediary, the Griffiss Institute, and the Wasabi Ventures team to run our Commercialization Academy (CA).  And now we’re ready for Demo Day 2016!

Just so you know how we work together, and to know how to better engage, I’ve outlined some of the CA roles and responsibilities below:

Griffiss InstituteGriffiss Institute (GI): Coordinates events and creates media campaigns to advertise what’s going on in the T2 world. This newsletter is an example of their work. Watch the monitors in the lobbies of Buildings 3 and 106, and you’ll see a scrolling message on how you can get involved and what’s in it for you. You’ve probably seen Dan Fayette roaming the halls again. As a GI employee, Dan is back and working with the S&Es to ferret out Intellectual Property that keeps our Commercialization Academy primed with the fuel it needs. In addition to setting up Innovation Discovery Events, the GI team will be developing new ways to capture IP from the lab. More on this to come.

Wasabi VenturesWasabi Ventures (WV): Works with their network of local and national teams of experienced entrepreneurs, and not-so-experienced student entrepreneurs, to insert Air Force IP into their businesses. WV works with the teams, called cohorts, to develop commercialization plans and brings them through several milestones until they have setup a small business, usually an LLC. Once there, the WV team preps the cohorts for the all-important Demo Day event. This event gives them an opportunity to show off what they’ve accomplished in front of our local community and many venture capitalists. This could be the day they get significant seed funding that propels their business to the next level!

Brian Abbe, ORTA, AFRL/RIAFRL/RI ORTA: The Office of Research and Technology Applications (ok, it’s an office of one person, but don’t spread that around. I like to make it sound important and impressive), works as the interface between the cohort’s business owners and the inventors within the labs. We’ve held several “zoom” VTCs in my office with business owners around the country and S&Es from here. Usually this is the first time the inventor and business owner meet, and it is an energizing experience to see how excited they are about your technology, and how they can apply it to their business.

There are many more activities each of the above mentioned teams are involved in, but this newsletter is not the place for getting into those details. What is important to know, is you have a team working T2, it’s an exciting part of your job that is supported by management all the way to the top, and there are many personal and business rewards for participating. When doing your job think IP and help... 
“Create the Awe!”

Eight Startups to Present at Spring Commercialization Academy Demo Day 2016

Griffiss Institute and Wasabi Ventures would like to announce the eight startups selected to present at the Spring Commercialization Academy Demo Day 2016. The event will take place May 24, 2016 at the thINCubator’s new location at 326 Broad Street in Utica, NY.

Demo Day 2016 Event

The eight startup teams will pitch a panel of judges and the audience on the companies they have built over the past six months around Department of Defense intellectual property (IP) from the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate (AFRL/RI) in Rome, New York.

A live audience and judges’ vote will be held, with two cash prizes each to be given to the winners of the two best pitches of the day!
RSVP to join the audience in voting for your favorite pitch!
Be a part of a startup’s entrepreneurial adventure!

VidFall, Lilo Life, and SkyTubeLive from the 2015 Commercialization Academy class will also provide updates on their companies. At last year’s Demo Day, VidFall won the $25,000 Judges’ Choice Award and Lilo Life won the $25,000 Audience Choice Award.

Commercialization Academy Demo Day 2016 VIDEO
Eight teams will present their startups at the tech transfer startup education program’s Demo Day on Tuesday, May 24, 2016, at the thINCubator, in Utica, NY!
Meet the Eight Startups!
The Spring 2016 Commercialization Academy Cohort kicked off in December 2015, with 12 teams gaining acceptance after an intense vetting process. All were seeking the opportunity to build a sustainable startup around licensed IP from the (AFRL/RI) in Rome, NY.

For a team to be selected for Demo Day, they have to be in the licensing process, have moved their business along so that they are on a path to a plausible company, and be able to present at the event.

These are the eight teams who have made it through the challenging 6-month program and will advance to pitch at the Spring 2016 Commercialization Academy Demo Day:

Inara - Veterinary telemedicine platform connecting pet owners with veterinarians and animal therapists via video chat on their smartphones.
  • Inventors: Stanley Borek/RIGC and Nicholas G. Bourbakis
    • Lab IP: Method and apparatus for separating text from images (US 7082219 B2)
OneTouchTrust - A merchant fraud prevention and dispute solution that provides a technology-enabled ‘Know Your Customer’ verification process using a combination of identification information and biometric security algorithms. Merchants can seamlessly and securely verify a customer before a transaction is fulfilled, protecting both businesses and consumers from fraudsters. 
  • Inventor: Dr. Andrew Noga
    • Lab IP: Method and apparatus for detecting and extracting fileprints (US 20040078574 A1)
Covrt Security, LLC - A cybersecurity solution that removes the possibility of browser-based malware threats and ensures online privacy. The desktop applications runs in the background without the user's knowledge.  
  • Inventor: Frank Born/RIGA
    • Lab IP: Transformative rendering of internet resources (US 8307436 B2)
    • Lab IP: Web malware blocking through parallel resource rendering (RL10141, RL10152)
    • Lab IP: Remote script execution for secure, private browsing (RL10153)
Geopixi - A software platform that is the SnapChat for engineers. GeoPixi's crowd-sourcing photo recognition app places the power of photos and geolocation into a comprehensive Fixed Asset Inventory Management System (FAIMS).  
  • Inventors: Han J. Keesook and Bruce W. Suter
    • Lab IP: Method for efficient image distribution and management (US 7581028 B2)
Xompass FaaS - An IIOT Field Intelligence as a Service (FaaS) platform that provides edge intelligence to billions of assets in the mining, water, power, oil and gas, and energy industries to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • Inventors: Misty Blowers/RIGB and Chad Salisbury/RISB
    • Lab IP: A computer algorithm that is able to take historical source data to refine boundary conditions in current processes. In industrial process settings, this means optimizing sensor bounds to help reduce false positives and false negatives, thus reducing downtime and failures in industrial facilities. (US 8732100 B2) 
SwitchNote -  A platform designed for college students to easily connect with one another. Through the platform, they can upload and share study guides and notes, as well as ask questions about class assignments. All of the content is user-generated and organized by school and course subject.
  • Inventors: Stanley Borek/RIGC and Nicholas G. Bourbakis
    • Lab IP: Method and apparatus for removing redundant information from digital documents (US 7017113 B2) 
CFO Technology
CFO Technology Corporation - This platform is revolutionizing the way business people interact with their data by merging virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and gaming technologies to create the world’s first 3D interactive simulation environment (or game) for business. The environment is “real” because it is connected to the live data of your company. 
  • Inventor: Michael McCarthy Jr.
    • Lab IP:  Business Intelligence and Visual Correlation of Data (US 7788146 B)
  • Inventor: AFRL
    • Lab IP:  Java Causal Analysis Toolkit (JCAT). JCAT is a complex, yet easy to use, modeling tool that identifies and predicts potential outcomes. It was originally developed to predict political outcomes internationally, including defense policies.  It has been successfully implemented within the US government and its use is growing.  
Sravel - The go-to place to connect with your personal network while traveling. The app will allow each user to interact with more people by determining the activities between individuals within certain locations. It is also an opportunity for businesses to bundle data on what people are doing in these locations and offer strategic advertising opportunities.
  • Inventors: John Salerno and Zhongfei Zhang 
    • Lab IPMethod for automatic community model generation based on uni-parity data. Correlation analysis is employed to identify links within the community. Method may be particularized for solving specific problems such as determining the activities between individuals within a money laundering ring. (US 7756685 B2)


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