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Young Children Must Move and Learn to Touch

By Ginny Trierweiler, Ph.D.

Movement, touch, and learning are all inter-connected. This is especially true for infants and young children. Not only do young children need the opportunity to engage in purposeful movement for developing motor skills and physical coordination, but children's social, emotional, and cognitive development are all enhanced by exploring the world.

Young children are inherently driven by their own interests to engage in purposeful movement which then propels their learning and thinking. I had the pleasure of participating in a research project years ago about the developmental changes that occur for babies around the development of walking. It was so fun to observe babies working relentlessly to develop the skill and coordination to walk independently, and seeing how this ability changed everything in their lives.

Young children develop their spatial skills through locomotion and touch. They learn to judge how far something is from them, and whether they can reach by extending their arms more or whether they need to move over to the thing they want to touch. They will build on these skills for many years and they will be the foundational skills for so many later skills - dancing, driving, building, geometry, and more.

The young child's sense of self and agency also develops at the stage when they start walking. They feel increasingly capable and responsible to take action, rather than waiting for someone to do things for them. If we want them to become more capable and responsible people, we need to foster this sense of agency and avoid stepping in to do everything for them. 

Judgment and memory develop as they develop their ability to move themselves (locomotion) through their environments. We also find that young children develop greater ability to understand the perspective of others as they develop the skill of walking.

It can be difficult for adults to recognize the value of young children moving about and touching things in the environment. It doesn't always look to us like they're developing important skills when they're crawling toward something across the room.

When we fail to realize they are actively working to develop greater and greater skills like other people, we may prioritize concerns about germs and other dangers and this may lead us to interfere with their developmental work. When we interrupt them in their work, we may make the child very frustrated or teach the to be helpless and passive. It's as if your boss stood over your shoulder all day saying, "Not like that! You're doing that wrong! Here, just let me do it."

Skills build upon skills and later learning builds on early learning. The early understandings of the world that come from moving about and exploring the environment provide the foundation for all kinds of basic skills that provide the foundations for the skills of scientists, bartenders, mathematicians, musicians, builders, architects, and engineers. So, when a young child is working hard at actively getting to something that interests then, don't underestimate the importance of their work. In our rush-rush-rush world, giving a young child the time to learn through their own self-directed action may the the greatest gift we can give. 

You can learn more about Dr. Ginny's talks and classes or more of her articles by visiting her website at or by liking her Facebook page at Her book Let Me Do it Myself! Secrets for Raising Happy, Capable Toddlers Stress-Free is due to be released before the end of 2015 through Books to Believe In publishers. 

Article submitted by: Ginny Treieweiler, Ph.D
Secrets for Living Stress-Free with a Young Child and Raising Them to Be Their Best

Montessori Public Policy Initiative

By Kathryn Ross

Several CMA board members recently attended the Montessori Public Policy Initiative meeting in Washington, DC. The Montessori Public Policy Initiative, or MPPI, is a collaborative gathering of Montessori educators from every major training organization and many state advocacy organizations, each of them having realized that without a unified voice we will not be able to effectively speak for Montessori education.

In Colorado, we are familiar with this issue, having been told repeatedly by CDHS "there is no [single] Montessori." We also know how difficult collaboration and consensus can be. Good will, open communication, and deep respect are foundational to our work. In spite of differing interpretations and training backgrounds, it serves us to continue to seek and then articulate our common understandings, which are many. Â  

This is the MPPI mission or vision:

          MPPI Mission:
The mission of the Montessori Public Policy Initiative is to create a groundswell of activism through the establishment and support of grassroots advocacy coalitions, working together toward the shared goal of advancing Montessori through public consensus, shared interests, and efforts at the local, state and federal levels of public policy.

          MPPI Vision:
Through coordination and collaboration with national organizations and state coalitions, the Montessori Public Policy Initiative will support and advance the implementation of high quality Montessori education through advocacy action.

For those of us in Colorado, this means continuing to work to make QRIS more amenable to Montessori practices, continuing to work toward an understanding and implementation of assessment that is more appropriate, approaching the Colorado Department of Education about considering Montessori teacher training in their licensing process, and continuing our work to keep the level of our practice high. 

Involvement in MPPI will enable us to keep abreast of any new challenges or opportunities coming our way as Montessori educators. It provides a communication venue between state advocacy organizations such as CMA, which will enable us to learn from each other. 

We look forward to ongoing involvement with MPPI, and will continue to share with our members. For more information, take a look at the MPPI website, as well as what AMS, AMIUSA and MACTE have to say about this new initiative:

Article submitted by: Kathryn Ross, President, CMA Board of Directors
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Montessori Applied to Children at Risk
A Seminar Offered by the Shelton School, Dallas, TX
Hosted by Compass Montessori School, Golden, CO
February 5-7, 2016
The goal of this workshop is to understand the specific needs of children diagnosed with learning differences and provide specific strategies to the registrant for matching the Montessori educational method to those needs.
Keynote Speaker:  Amy Kelton, Assistant Head of Instruction for the Lower and Upper Elementary programs at June Shelton School and Evaluation Center in Dallas, TX. She is certified in Sequential English Education and the Association Method programs for the remediation of written language disorders, as well as advanced levels of Montessori Applied to Children at Risk. Amy holds a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and is Montessori-credentialed (E1) MACTE.
When:     Friday, Saturday and Sunday, February 5-7, 2016
Where:    Sheraton Denver West Hotel, 360 Union Boulevard, Lakewood, CO 80228
Phone:    303-420-8288
Cost:       $400 to include light breakfast, light snacks, and lunch
Topics Include:    
  • An overview of learning differences at all ages
  • Understanding the child who is at-risk for learning differences
  • Applications of the Montessori Method and techniques
  • Practical Life, Sensorial, and Mathematics for the at-risk child
  • Oral and written language program
  • Social skills development
For more information on MACAR, please visit
Further details on this seminar are available on the attached flyer. 
Please RSVP at the following link: https;//
Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference
Montessori Track
February 19-20, 2016
We have been offered an exciting opportunity to create a Montessori Track of presentations at the Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference scheduled for February 19 - 20, 2016 at the Colorado Convention Center. This is an opportunity to put Montessori education and the great gifts it has to offer children on a big stag. The Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference is BIG!

Many of you are talented teachers and administrators doing great work in your classrooms or in your schools. Presenting a workshop is a way to share what you know and love. This conference will be held in Denver and will require considerably less travel than presenting at a national conference somewhere else. 

Help us put together a wonderful and inspiring Montessori track! Presentations may be 1.5 or 3 hours long, and the proposal is online here: The proposals will not come to CMA, but instead will go directly to RMECC, so it would be helpful if you let us know via email that you have submitted a Montessori-friendly proposal. As the conference gets closer, we will be able to market the "Montessori track" to our community.

We have asked for more information about how this track will be identified as Montessori but have not received this information yet. Since there is no obvious place in the application to put that you'd like this to be a part of the "Montessori track," we suggest that you make it clear in your description that you expect it to be of interest to Montessori educators. We will continue to be in touch with the conference developers about their plans so they can publicize this track. 
Thank you for helping us spread information about Montessori education. We look forward to hearing of your plans.

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Primary Guide
St. Vrain Community Montessori School
Longmont, CO

Position Summary: The Guide (Assistant Teacher) will be responsible for assisting the Montessori Lead Guide in creating a warm, nurturing, safe environment for children, in which individuality is respected and independence is encouraged. The Guide will help instruct children in activities designed to promote social, physical, and intellectual growth following the philosophies of Maria Montessori. An open mind and a willingness to learn, understand, and model Montessori principles are vital.

Required Qualifications: 
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • A high school diploma and a college diploma preferred
  • 1+ year experience in a Montessori classroom (internship and other relevant experience considered to meet criteria)
  • CPR/First Aid certification
  • The physical capacity to work with preschool and/or school-aged children (includes but is not limited to: bending, minor lifting, working on the floor)
  • Appropriate dress
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