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Teaching with Spirit

Maria Montessori's Cosmic Vision
By Seth Webb

One of the great pleasures of being a Montessori educator is the opportunity for reflection and renewal that is made possible by the work we do. Recently I had no less than a spiritual awakening when considering our craft. 

An elder Quaker friend of mine was speaking of the importance of discernment when attempting to move forward when challenged; that is, letting go of our own preoccupations so to let the Divine inspire our actions. Through this process, one winnows the desires, thoughts, and personal attachments that might otherwise cloud guidance from Spirit. 

It struck me profoundly that this is what we attempt to do in a Montessori environment: prepare ourselves to be open to receive the Light of each child. 

In our schools we approach children with unprejudiced hearts – so to be led by them. I wonder, however, if we have missed the full import of what Montessori was intending. What if Montessori’s vision was much more profound?   What if her instruction to “follow the child” was to mean something far greater than a technical approach for working with children?

What if it implies that the act of teaching must be transformed so to allow for the conscious caretaking of the Spirit within the children we serve? 
 *                       *                      *                    *                       *

Montessorians often use the term spirit to describe the indescribable, that part of a child that is unique and original and ever-unfolding. Given the weight of the term, such talk is usually couched as a holistic view of the child – one that encapsulates cognitive, social, emotional and physical development - yet that remains special to each individual. In that manner, we commonly talk of the children as spiritual beings, eager for learning and attachment. 

I contend that there is much more that we can do. I believe that when Montessori spoke of preparing the classroom, she meant laying the temple bare for worship. When she wrote of preparing the teacher, it was much more than good eating and sleeping habits, and time for oneself so that one could be present for others. 

Rather, it was something much more profound. At the core, she asks us to enter into a pattern of discernment, separating our wants and needs and desires, our fears and preoccupations and external directives, so to illuminate the Light of the child. When Montessori tells us to "follow the child" it is akin to reminding us to let the Divine show us the way. 

• When we speak of preparing the teacher, we are preparing ourselves as mindful tenders of the Light.

• When we speak of preparing the environment, we are preparing the cathedral to receive the worship that is the work we do together. 

• Guiding becomes stewardship.

• Manipulatives become meditations.

• The flow-state that a child reaches with her work is evidence of a complete unification between oneself and Spirit. 

What if we were to re-frame our practice as a spiritual one? Can we find that center – beyond curriculum alone - to the root of Montessori’s cosmic vision? What if we were to shift our mandate to one of tending to the Light that is within each child? If we could create an opening for such spiritual transformation, imagine what would be possible.

There is nothing more important than to be present for the children in our care. We are the stewards of their Light.

Article Submitted by: Seth Webb, Free Horizon Montessori  

VIDEO: Sheila Wolfe's Presentation on Assessments in the Montessori Classroom

Please click here to watch Sheila Wolfe's video presentation at the CMA Director's Network Meeting in January. Sheila Wolfe is the Curriculum Director and Child Care Director at DCS Montessori Charter School in Castle Pines, CO.
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Letter from the President

Bright, curious children are a national and world resource.  They need to be cared for, cherished, and encouraged.  But mere encouragement isn’t enough. We must also give the essential tools to think with.
-Carl Sagan  The Demon-Haunted World
Educators walk amongst the bright and curious children. We are some of those who  care for them and know we have found ways to make our caring impactful and real.  We are Montessori educators.  We value the questions of children who have not, as Carl Sagan writes, ever even heard of “dumb questions.” 
Yes these bright and curious children are being asked dumb questions themselves, and we, who value their curiosity, are tasked with asking those dumb questions, or at least asking them in a dumb way.   On behalf of agencies who want proof of learning, we have been asked to administer tests to these curious children, robbing them of time to explore, question, probe, repeat, name, and wonder about the world surrounding them.
CMA exists to support and give a platform for Montessori educators in the state of Colorado. Montessori exists to support children here and beyond.  Don’t forget the children – bright eyed and curious. 

-Kathryn Ross
Colorado Montessori Association
Assessment Meeting at DMHS
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CMA Directors' Network Meetings
March CMA Director's Network Meeting
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Topic:      TQRIS
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Colorado Collaboration
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When:         Friday and Saturday, April 10-11, 2015
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What:    A meet-up to build community, share successes and challenges, and strategize on expanding Montessori education for all children. Please click here for further details.
Sponsor: Westminster College Institute for Montessori Innovation, The National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector and Montessori for Social Justice
When:        June 26-27th, 2015
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"Montessori in the Mountains"
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September 25-27, 2015
YMCA Conference Center and Resort, Estes Park, CO
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Join Montessori teachers and administrators from Colorado and beyond for a stimulating fall weekend of professional development and personal renewal in a beautiful mountain environment. CMA will host the Welcome Reception from 7-9:00 pm on Thursday, September 24th.
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  • Noted presenters will include: Jennifer Morgan, Louise Chawla, Betsy Coe, Marta Donohoe, Judi Bauerlein, Susan Tracy McDaniel, Tanaya Winder, and Frank Leto, as well as local favorites: Dee Coulter, Alice Renton, Donohue Shortridge, Betsy Hoke, Kathryn Ross, Sonnie McFarland, and Betsy Lockhart. 
  • Sessions for Infant through Secondary levels.
  • Up to 15 hours credit for professional development.
  • Exhibit Hall (Alison's, ETC, Laughing Star, Great Extensions, Bluestem, Big Picture Science, Montessori Foundation, and more!)
  • Schools Showcase
  • Receptions and Dinners
  • Music, Yoga, and and Dance
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Mid-Year Refueling

By Rachel Averch

The statistics speak for themselves. With estimates varying between 20 and 30% attrition of first year teachers, teaching can challenge us to really question our commitment from time to time. And, let's admit it, at the end of February, after several snow storms and with no end to the days spent trapped indoors in sight, teaching is not always easy, especially with some of our restless cabin-fever infected students.

So, how do we avoid becoming a part of the statistics?  For those that are dedicated to sticking with teaching through thick and thin, we exercise the wisdom to care for ourselves and refuel with the same kind of care and compassion that we give to our students. For everyone, this looks different of course. But, here are some suggestions that have worked like a charm for me over the years: 

  1. Get outside. You likely need exposure to some sunshine as much as your students do! In addition to benefits like the absorption of needed vitamin D, sun exposure enhances your mood and energy through the release of endorphins.
  2. Get enough sleep. Having sufficient sleep helps you improve your memory, maintain a healthy weight, live longer, increase creativity and (yes!) decrease stress and avoid depression.
  3. Eat well! Eat foods that feed your cells - whole foods instead of processed foods are best. The better you eat, the better your mood (and your overall health).
  4. Do things that are FUN for you. Whether it is at home, or in the classroom, be sure to build in activities that you love. If you love to knit, why not include knitting in your classroom works? If you are a passionate foodie, why not increase the amount of food preparation and cooking activities in your classroom. And, of course, do the same thing outside of the classroom. 
  5. Notice the positive. According to the Mayo clinic, positive thinking may have several health benefits, including lower rates of depression and distress and better coping skills during hardships and times of stress (in addition to better psychological and physical well-being). Do you find yourself complaining about things? Reframe it and make a practice of noticing and putting your attention into the daily observations that fill you up and make you joyful.
  6. Get present. Get out of your head! Take a deep breath, feel your body, notice everything that your senses are picking up on. Really see your environment, your students, and experience each moment fully. Real life is rarely as hard as your mind can make you believe it is, and quite frankly it is all there really is, so be present to the gift of every moment of your life.
  7. Practice Gratitude. Putting your attention on what you want and feeling grateful for it makes all the difference in your classroom with your children, and it will make all the difference for you too. Seeing the beauty and possibility in everything will draw those things into your life and make the people around you start noticing things that they are grateful for too.
  8. Be gentle with yourself. When things don't go according to plan, or you are feeling like you aren't measuring up, think of yourself the same way that you would a child in your class and speak to yourself in the same way. How many times do we talk to ourselves in a way that we would never talk to someone else? Knock it off and give yourself the love, support and forgiveness that you give your students.
  9. Remember your why. For me my why is the way that a child lights up when the sudden understanding of a new concept comes over them. It is the chance to bring about world peace through educating children. It is being able to witness the growth and development of all of these unique and beautiful people. What is your why? Write it down and keep it close at hand to remind yourself when you lose resolve.
  10. Laugh and be playful. Just because we are adults, doesn't mean we always have to be serious. There is a time and a place for that, of course, but hopefully there aren't too many times and places for it because that is no fun whatsoever. Giggle with the children and with your co-workers! Build snowmen or swing on the swings. Whatever it is, join in on the fun.
The work that you do each day as a Montessori teacher is a gift to each child in your care as well as a gift to the world. Thank you for your commitment to your work and for the difference that you make each and every day!

Article Submitted By: Rachel Averch, Montessori Children's House of Denver



Creating Community through Family Involvement
Contributed by: Gina Abegg
Because presentation of formal materials requires specific training, some schools resist including family involvement in the school. Family participation is good for many things including building a strong relationship with parents, stabilizing enrollment because they see all that is going on, and supporting children in their learning.  But, the most important reason is the creation a caring community.

Some schools do have special trainings for parents wanting to learn how to give lessons according to the Montessori principles. These parents,
who make a regular commitment, are instrumental in supporting children with the intensive lessons such a sounds, sandpaper letters and reading. MAC recruits a “Circle” of parents to read stories and to cook with children. Parker Montessori has an active group of parents who help with gardening tasks. 

Family surveys are helpful to not only find out what classroom and all-school projects families can support, but also what special interests, cultural celebrations, travels, and skills families can share with children. A school-wide “talent bank” makes it easier to include family involvement when it fits with a cultural theme, such as a holiday or study of a continent. It is important to also include extended family members, nannies and community members.

Many schools invite family sharing of “celebrations of light” representing many different cultures during November and December, but it is important to keep this door open through the year. Adventure Montessori studies a continent a month and invites families in to share food the children have made and learn about their studies. MCHD has an International Day in October where each class learns about a different culture and shares a dance or song representing it, and families bring in food from around the world.  Adventure Montessori invites families to celebrate Montessori’s birthday with the children. The older children tell stories of her life and everyone shares a huge cake. Families in many schools are invited to share seasonal celebrations such as International Day of Peace, Earth Day, and growing and graduation celebrations.

Community outreach is also a great way to involve families, who can help children to gather food or clothing as well as go along with their children to deliver items to the charity. Holiday parties and field trips are also opportunities for participation. Having family celebrations in the evenings or on a weekend is recommended for schools with a large populations of working families.

Gratitude is naturally taught when children are given the opportunity to show appreciation to parents and others who participate in the school. Parker Montessori has a regular work with cards ready to be completed whenever a kindness is given. Children’s Garden sends out valentines to all of the people who support the school. Many schools also have events like Volunteer Appreciation breakfasts, Mothers’ Day Teas, and Donuts for Dads, etc., where children prepare thank you gifts, decorations and food.

Article Submitted By: Gina Abegg, The Compassionate Way Consulting

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Clouds Classified by Altitude
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