Apply for a Licensing Waiver

How to Apply for Licensing Waivers in 2013 

Maintain flexibility for optimal fall enrollment at your Montessori school by submitting an appeal to CDHS now, to request waivers from licensing rules that limit the use of glass and small objects in Montessori EC (primary) rooms. The CDHS website has posted new procedures in response to the passage of HB 12-1276 last summer.
STEP 1. Download the APPEAL FORM at
STEP 2. Complete the top part of the first page to provide your licensing information.
In response to the question about the date of hardship, enter “NOT APPLICABLE FOR MATERIALS WAIVER”. (The note about a 60 day timeframe is not relevant for a Materials Waiver request.)
STEP 3. On the lower part of the first page, provide the Rule numbers for your appeal.
These are 7.702.71.C (hazards), and7.702.72.F (small objects).
For the question on describing the issues, write “SEE ATTACHED”.
For the description of hardship, write “NOT APPLICABLE FOR MATERIALS WAIVER”
STEP 4. Sign and date page 2 of the Appeal Form.
STEP 5. Prepare your ATTACHMENTS to respond to the following CDHS expectation:
Child care centers may at any time apply for a waiver to use certain materials in its program. A child care center seeking a waiver for the use of certain materials shall adopt a policy that:
1. ensures that instructors in the childcare center are trained in the use of the materials in a way that provides reasonable safety provisions for use by children; and,
2. requires parental notification of the use of the materials in the child care center and the potential safety risks associated with the materials. The policy shall require the child care center to obtain signed parental consent forms acknowledging awareness of the risks in using the materials in the child care center. (From CDHS draft rule 12 CCR 2509-8, 7.701.13 K)
We recommend that your Attachments should include the following:
A. One or two page description of the Montessori approach used by your program, the reason that glassware and small objects are used, the importance of a three year age range and need to enroll a few children before 3 yrs of age (but a minimum of 30 months), information on staff qualifications, and staff and parent orientations to your school.
B. Copies of pages from your Employee Handbook that specify qualifications of classroom personnel, including Montessori teacher training, and a description of the initial training of new personnel that includes procedures for supervision of children, and clean-up after glass breakage.
C. List of Current Classroom Staff for each EC room, with names and qualifications, including all certifications, degrees and professional development.
D. Copy of a Parent Consent Form that includes a statement of awareness of possible hazards. This may be on the same form as other releases for emergency care and field trips, etc.
Sample text: I understand that as part of the Montessori curriculum, small educational materials as well as breakable glass items are accessible to children in the classroom environment. I give permission for my child to receive lessons in the use of these materials and to use these materials independently.
STEP 6.  Mail all documents to the mailing address provided on page 2 of the Appeal Form.
Add “ Office of Early Childhood” after  “Division of Child Care”. You may wish to send by registered mail to get a receipt.
STEP 7. Contact CDHS again if you do not receive a response within 60 days.
Submitted by Dot Thompson, January 2013

The CDHS Division of Childcare is  now known as Division of Early Care & Learning.  The  department was re-designed by the governor in June 2012 and the premise of the department is targeting programs that meet the needs of young children and parents. The department helps parents prepare children for learning. The focus of children from birth to age five (5) years.
Lead Guides for Primary, Lower and Upper Elementary Classrooms
St. Vrain Montessori
Longmont, CO
Please click here for the AMS position listing (select United States and Colorado and scroll down to St. Vrain Montessori's listings).

Educational Requirements: 
  • BA required
  • AMS or AMI Montessori credentialed for Primary, Lower and Upper Elementary
  • "Highly Qualified" under No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
  • Significant lead teaching experience required because the marriage of providing an authentic Montessori experience in a charter school environment is very demanding
Skill and Experience Requirements: 
  • Significant lead teaching experience in an authentic Montessori environment  
  • Familiarity with charter school accountability requirements
  • Understanding of standards-based curriculum alignment and progress monitoring systems that ensure achievement of outcomes
  • A true desire for collaboration with peers
  • A commitment to open, honest communication in the spirit of continuous improvement
Contact: Katy Torres | Head of School by e*mail or at 303-682-4339 (p) 303-682-8925 (f).  Please provide resume and references before calling.

Assistant Head of School
Bright Horizons Montessori at Interlocken
Broomfield, CO
Please click here for the AMS position listing (select United States and Colorado and scroll down to Bright Horizons' listing).

Qualification Requirements: 
  • Degree in Early Childhood Education or related field (BA/BS or higher is required)
  • Montessori Certification or Experience a plus
  • minimum of 5-6 years of documented leadership experience in an early education or elementary program required
  • Demonstrated positive ‘people practices’ and the ability to build strong relationships with staff and families is required  
  • Proven strength required in the following areas: ability to lead and coach staff in implementing a humanistic Montessori philosophy; written and oral communication skills; leadership and supervisory skills; financial management; and organizational skills
  • Must be able to become Colorado Director qualified.
Contact: Kara Bosler | Recruitment Manager by e*mail or at 816-322-4350 and reference requisition 12-13309

Montessori Certified Teachers - Primary and Elementary 
Montessori Children's House of Denver
Denver, CO

Qualification Requirements: 
  • BA Degree or higher
  • MACTE Accredited Montessori Certification at corresponding classroom level
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • 3 or more years of teaching experience preferred
Contact: Beatrice Watson | Executive Director by e*mail or at 303-322-8324 x 21

Primary and Elementary Certified Teachers
Montessori del Mundo
Aurora, CO
Click here for more information.

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Tim Seldin, M.Ed.
Coming to Denver 

January 24, 2013  6:15-8:15 pm
Cost = $15 per person
Renaissance Hotel (3801 Quebec Street Denver 80207)
Hosted by:  Montessori Children's House of Denver
For more details, click here
RSVP by e*mail to: MCHD OFFICE

Tim Seldin, M.Ed. is the President of the Montessori Foundation and author of several books on Montessori, including How to Raise An Amazing ChildThe Montessori Way with Dr. Paul Epstein.  Tim will be speaking about about the benefits of Montessori for toddlers through adolescence.  

This talk will be beneficial to parents and teachers alike, and can count toward CEUs.  

MECR Professional Development Workshops
Saturday April 6, 2013
Montessori Education Center of the Rockies, Boulder
For more details, click here
RSVP by e*mail to MECR

Montessori Infant-Toddler Training Course
June 1, 2013 through August 4th, 2014 (22 Saturdays 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and 32 Monday Evenings 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.)
Cost = Contact Janet Humphryes for more information
Location: Bright Horizons' Montessori at Greenwood Plaza
 Janet Humphryes and Patti Templin

Contact: Janet Humphryes or call 303-985-4246 for more information.

Join this unique learning opportunity and enter into a collaborative Montessori learning experience.

January Meeting
January 17, 2013  1:00-2:30 pm
Parker Montessori (10750 Victorian Drive Parker CO 80138)
RSVP by e*mail to Gina Abegg

Montessori Middle Schools coming in August 2013

*Montessori School of Denver
*Denver Montessori Junior/Senior High School

*The Secondary Academy (An Independent Affiliate of The Montessori Children's House of Denver)

Montessori Primary and Elementary Schools coming in August 2013

*Montessori Del Mundo
The start of a new year can be an opportunity to re-look, re-think, re-assess. As Montessorians, we can use this opportunity to take a fresh view of our classroom’s prepared environment.
We know that when children begin to concentrate they become “completely transformed…calmer, more intelligent and more expansive.” “…with concentration comes inner discipline, self-assurance, and preference for purposeful activity.” M. Montessori.

The Montessori prepared environment is a major component, and is of primary importance as we work to support our students’ development of concentration, attention, engagement in purposeful work, ability to think creatively to solve problems, and to interact with peers in positive, respectful, and meaningful ways.

Dr. Montessori realized through her observations the importance of this prepared environment and her writings teach us that children are called by beauty, order, simplicity, and organization.  “It is the teacher’s primary role to create organization within the classroom and to maintain orderliness.” C. Haskins. “…such an environment is necessary for peace and happiness.” Dr. Maria Montessori

Where do we start to create this peaceful environment for our students?

Less is more! Review your room arrangement. Are you able to observe every child at any moment? Have you provided space for working alone, working in small groups, and just having alone time? Are your shelves and tables arranged for the opportunity to develop control of movement and flow of activity (especially in the practical life and art areas)?
Are your shelves uncluttered? Are activities and materials organized in a way that enables children to make good work choices? Are the activities aesthically pleasing, beautiful and clean? Does each material or activity have all of the needed parts in good working order for successful engagement by the child? In creating that activity have you attended to the control of error and points of interest for the child who needs the activity? Have you used shelf space to be responsive to the needs of each student? Materials that are no longer used, or needed can be removed. Materials can be rotated, varied with color changes, container changes or extended with a slightly more complex skill. Does each activity and material in your classroom have specific, precise and ordered steps for completion that engages the coordination of the hand with the mind?

It can be exciting to honestly answer these questions, to make the changes that we know will benefit our students, and then to follow in Dr. Montessori’s footsteps as we observe. Our students will let us know what has worked, what isn’t working, and what new changes to try.

“When well done, a Montessori environment resembles a carefully crafted piece of art, a skillfully constructed laboratory for the study of life. The work of creating such a masterpiece is a labor of love and a commitment of extraordinary depth.” C. Haskins

The Colorado Montessori Association is your organization. Join us in sharing your ideas, questions, concerns, and comments at our teacher forums. (

For resources on the prepared environment, look at:
C. Haskins. Order, Organization, and Beauty in the Classroom: A Prerequisite Not An Option. Montessori Life. Summer 2012 Vol.24 No.2
M. Montessori. The Secret of Childhood. 1966
P. Lillard. Montessori A Modern Approach. 1972

Christine Lowry, M.Ed. 2013
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