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Check out our first ever COMPLETE system build tutorial! 

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For years folks have been asking us to walk them through exactly what it takes to build their own home aquaponics system. 

And finally... We've done it! 

We've just published a 38 minute instructional video that takes you through the build process step-by-step. 

Not only do we show you exactly HOW to build it, we also show you:

  • Exactly what parts and tools you'll need 
  • How to cycle your system
  • How to plant your towers
  • How and to add fish to your system
  • And lastly how to test your system for nutrient deficiencies 

cycling an aquaponic system

We truly believe this video tutorial will help folks everywhere start to grow their own healthy, nutritious food in their own homes and start being more self-sufficient with their food supply. 

Click here to get your special email pricing and start building today!

Best regards,

-Chris Michael

P.S. Did you know today is Food Day?  According to the Food Day organization: "Food Day is a nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food and a grassroots campaign for better food policies. It builds all year long and culminates on October 24."
This year, celebrate Food Day by building your own aquaponics system and start growing more of your own healthy food!

Check out the tutorial now.