Happy Holidays from Delta Groove and Eclecto Groove Music
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Seasons Greetings from Delta and Eclecto Groove Music,

First and foremost, thank you to all of our fans, musicians, staff, contributors, DJ's, reviewers, publications, producers, engineers, photographers, festival and venue producer/promoters and Blues/Roots music lovers. Because of all of you, 2014 has been a record year for Delta Groove. We are incredibly honored and thrilled with a great number of Blues Music Award nominations. It warms my heart to know that Delta Groove is reaching the souls of fans around the world.

Almost 13 years ago, I had no idea how to start or maintain a record label, but I had a vision and passion to bring the soul of music back to the people. I was flying by the seat of my pants then, and in many ways I still am. It looks like being a musician and letting the music speak for itself was a winning combination.

As some of my close friends know, I have some serious health obstacles ahead as I was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. I am happy to report that my prognosis for a full recovery and a new lease on life looks very promising.  I knew this was coming.  For the past 20 years I have had liver problems and I knew some day there was a strong probability I would develop liver cancer. The good news is the cancer is treatable. My doctors feel that the best option in my situation is for a liver transplant. Fortunately my insurance coverage will allow me to receive this extremely expensive, 15 hour surgery. Without insurance, this procedure would cost $700,000. My heart goes out to those who do not have insurance. I feel very blessed that I have health insurance and Medicare.

However, the transplant cannot happen yet. My liver cancer is in the very early stages and the tumor is not large enough to allow me to get on a transplant list. Presently my tumor is 1.6 centimeters. I can be added to the list when it reaches 2 centimeters. It is being watched very closely so that I can be eligible for a new liver as soon as it becomes necessary. The timing is all up in the air. At some point, it could be a month from now or over a year, I will be put on the list and when there is a liver match I will go into surgery.

My energy is good and I actually feel as if nothing is wrong at all. I'm able to work and do all the things that bring me a good quality of life.

After surgery, I will be going through a recovery process. As many of us know, we have friends and musicians who have gone through this same process, some with great success and others with complications. Fortunately they are all resuming their life touring and doing all the things creative people do. I have a strong faith and positive attitude and I am, one day at a time, ready for what ever comes down.

All this being said I would like to share with you my intentions regarding the labels and the future of both Delta Groove Music and it's sister label Eclecto Groove Records.

I will remain working out of our office until the time comes that will require me to work from home, calling the shots so to speak. I have an amazing, supportive and talented crew at Delta Groove and I want to take a moment to thank them. I do not do this alone. They are the feet that keep the label moving onward and upward.

Tammie Barnum is my incredible office manager, handling all of our accounting, publishing, mechanicals and all of the other 20 or 30 hats she wears on a daily basis. Jeff Scott Fleenor  is in charge of retail, co-producing, mixing and the many other duties he is so good at. Steve Dixon is in charge of radio and promotion. Steve has proven to be of great value to the label having made, built and maintained strong relationships with radio DJ's, program directors and reviewers. Josh Temkin (my cousin) who has been at the label from the start is the director of all artistic matters. Josh has created a nice brand doing all of our designing such as album art, photography, website design, ad, news letter and poster design in addition to numerous other aspects of the labels. Gina McClain is our artist liaison, tour management, travel itinerary, booking and anything else her 20+ years of experience may require. Marilyn Stringer and Kim Martin are our photographers as well as Jessica Chortkoff Brecker who is our in- house  photographer and journalist. Art wade is our artist/production liason.  Chandi Danha is our research and development specialist. Malcolm Wiseman is our entertainment attorney in charge of business and legal affairs.  And finally, our four correspondents and writers: Rob Neighbors, Scott Dirks, Bob Corritore and Franck Goldwasser. Sidse Powell is our writer and creative consultant.

I am also in the process of hiring another in house tech to maintain the web site and deal with further needs in regards to our services link, providing services such as radio, promotion, booking, web design, possible distribution and all the varied services we are capable of doing and have had recent success providing at musicians discount prices.

As always, I will be available and proactive regarding any of the above mentioned services and of course giving great attention to the possibility of signing new talent to the labels.

We are starting 2015 out with two new February releases that you will absolutely love. Our standards will always remain high and we are dedicated to being your family Blues labels.

Again, Happy Holidays and may the new year bring you health, prosperity and happiness.

Warmest regards,

Randy Chortkoff
CEO Delta Groove Music
Copyright © 2014 Delta Groove Music, All rights reserved.

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