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Get Active! 

I had the amazing opportunity to meet two Mom’s at a dinner I spoke at for Get the People last month.  Lauren and Stephanie are creating a grassroots effort here in NYC to ban Round Up (Glyphosate).  I was horrified to find out it is sprayed in our public parks, on the grass we lay on and our pets and children play on.  It is sprayed around their playgrounds and all of our beautiful, public green areas (the BPC garden is an exception).  Lauren and Stephanie have a petition they are hoping to present to city officials and need as many signatures as possible. 

Click here to sign and learn more!

AND if you are not in NYC – consider starting a petition in your town.  If it is public park or playground – you can be sure they are using this cancer causing pesticide.  As you probably heard, a Gardner in San Francisco just won a multi million dollar case against the manufacturer of Round Up – Monsanto – for getting cancer from using their product.  Here's the story. 

Radiation Protection

I am often asked what we can do to reduce our RF/EMF exposure from our phones and electronics.  Dr. Devra Davis – one of the foremost authorities on this and an advocate for regulation, recently posted this blog on how we can protect ourselves and our families.  I hope you find it helpful.

Read about it here.
"Detox Your Home" was featured on! 

Here in NYC: 

Save the date! 

September 11 at 6pm I will be speaking at The Assemblage, 17 John Street.

This event will be free and open to the public.

Elsewhere on the web...
Bread can be good for you, but styrofoam never will be.

This bread will never be mass produced and I am thrilled.  Celiac disease aside, bread can be tolerated by most of us when it is made properly from freshly ground organic wheat.  This is why so many of us who are gluten free in the US, can eat baguettes without care in Europe or in my case Morocco!
Make sure to check them out if in DC! More info can be found here on Food Tank's coverage!

Not only are those thick Styrofoam cups and containers completely unrecyclable and not biodegradable – they leach styrene – a likely carcinogen.  Avoid them at all costs and certainly do not eat or drink anything hot out of them.
Learn more here!


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