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Taking action on Climate Change




Clean Energy News 7 August

SUSTAINABILITY DRINKS 6 August 'Waste to Energy'

Thanks to everyone that came along to Sustainability Drinks at The Bridge last night, and a huge shout out to Growing Abundance for serving up a delicious dinner to a large group of hungry folk. Thanks also to The Bridge Hotel for letting a good 40 people take over their backroom. We are so grateful for the support of our local community. 

Deane Belfield's presentation insighted an interesting discussion of small, medium and large scale bioenergy examples, that can benefit local business, industry, council's and the wider community, both reducing waste and emissions and creating jobs and economic opportunities.



  • Produces a clean and renewable energy source.
  • Assists waste reduction, and reduces landfill and sewerage treatment demands.
  • Reduces methane emissions (with 21 times more impact than carbon dioxide)
  • Provides economic benefits, where waste is treated as a resource, for a whole range of different industries, spanning agriculture, forestry, food processing, urban waste management and regulatory authorities.
See MASG's Community Renewables Website for more information about Bioenergy, clean energy resources, and opportunities for the shire.
Local News
   Tim Flannery at the Castlemaine Town Hall
26 Septe
The Castlemaine Town Hall will be buzzing on Saturday September 26th.  Former Australian
of the Year and leading advocate for action on climate change, Professor Tim Flannery, will be speaking and answering questions, local band, the Seducaphones will be entertaining and Growing Abundance will be providing a tasty dinner. 
MASG and will be discussing the local context and opportunities for local action. Proceeds from the evening will be shared between The Climate Council and local organisations involved in tackling climate change including MASG and

Tickets already selling fast, and are expected to sell out!
Purchase tickets online at:
or at Castlemaine Central Wine Store, 36 Lyttleton St
For more info contact: Jo Kaptein, Hub Foundation | | 0455 589 065

Wash against Waste News

A business plan for the Wash Against Waste Trailer is currently  being development.  Ideas for the development of our trailer and washable equipment are flowing and we have new aprons, re-usable latte cups and revised booking systems.

Feel free to contact Helen Kaptein on with any ideas you may have to help us to continue to improve our wonderful trailer. A true flagship in waste reduction and education.

Download the Wash Against Waste Flyer or visit the MASG website for more information.

Sponsorship opportunities are available if you fancy your business or organisation's logo featuring at large, at one of the 15 annual events where the trailer features.

Clean energy action


In a huge breakthrough in the fight to protect the climate and the Reef, CommBank has publicly confirmed that they have ended their involvement with Indian mining giant Adani and are no longer adviser to Australia's biggest coal project, Adani Mining's proposed Carmichael Mine in Queensland, dealing a heavy blow to its prospects and a significant victory for environmental groups.

Public pressure is definitely working.

Send a letter:
To the CEOs of NAB, ANZ, Westpac to let them know that now is the time to cease their involvement in this destructive project. See  for a letter template, and how to send here.


Earlier this year, the grass roots Mackay Conservation Group, supported by thousands of donations from the community, took Environment Minister Greg Hunt to court over his approval of Adani’s disastrous mine. They argued that Hunt failed to consider Adani’s terrible environmental record and the mine’s impact on the climate and local environment. The case has been won.

Mr Hunt has denied it is a major problem, and the QLD State government describing it as a dissappointing technical error, so now's the perfect time to email Environment Minister Greg Hunt, to reject the mine outright.

Email Minister Hunt:
See's email template here.

Or go to:

Senate Wind Inquiry Report Needs our Feedback!

The final Senate Wind Inquiry report has arrived and considered by The Australian Wind Alliance as: 'true to form. An outrageous full frontal attack on wind energy from a small group of anti-wind politicians. Driven by long-time wind opponents Senators John Madigan and David Leyonhjelm, the final report is blinkered to the point of absurdity, attacking voices that disagree with their standpoint and elevating those who agree, no matter their experience or credibility. In AFL parlance, it’s more one-eyed than a Collingwood supporter. Which is fine for footy but it’s no basis for building public policy.'

Despite being unable to make a compelling case for change, the report nevertheless recommends a mountain of new penalties and red tape for wind farms:

  • Wind farms to have their supply of renewable energy certificates cut from the current 20 years to just five
  • A new Wind Farm Commissioner, when what we need is a Commissioner on  the established dangers of coal-fired power 
  • An “Independent Scientific Committee” to overrule the National Health and Medical Research Council, because the NHMRC wouldn’t toe the line the senators wanted them to.
AWA supporters, including many who live and work comfortably amongst turbines, put in 306 submissions - but you won’t find a trace of them in the report.

You can see the Australian Wind Alliance's full media release here.

Let's start Flooding Hunt's inbox:
with letters rejecting the Wind Inquiry outcomes. AWA have a template email here.

Whats On

Understanding your bills

Saturday August 8, 10.30am-12pm
325 Barker St, Castlemaine

Are your bills too high? Are you wondering where all your energy is going? If you want to get to grips with your kW/hrs, tariffs and supply charges - come along to this free workshop. We will explain how your bills are structured, how to work out what energy your appliances are using, how to reduce your energy use and get the most from your solar. Places are limited so book early by calling 5472 4160 or email and bring along your bills for the session.

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