June 30, 2019

Compelled by LOVE


This has been a very physically challenging week.  Our clinic was truly a mess.  Construction needing to be completed, because the guys lovingly finished daddy’s home , working feverishly to complete it for his arrival,and had no time to finish the needed work on the clinic.  Amidst building and painting we needed to totally reorganize the entire clinic.  Getting ready for an additional practitioner, and trying to get back to order the shelves (after the recent earthquake made them look like someone had taken a spoon and stirred their contents into a mess of confused disorder) was quite a task.  Every day, hour upon hour we all worked ……and by Saturday night we finished the last of the pharmacy stocking….it is ready to go!!  IT looks GREAT!  The entire clinic is organized and orderly and as efficient as we can make it. 


Not that sick people have waited to come mind you!  Suturing outside on the veranda because there was LITERALLY NO PLACE with SPACE not filled with pain cans and wood was a “fun” experience…..NOT.  Very sick babies and a few sick adults as well made their way through the disorder for medical care.  TO be honest it was just beyond great to be able to minister in medical evangelism again….my heart!!   Monday morning will be the first open day using our new improved facilities.  I am SO EXCITED!  I hope I can sleep!  IT will be a LONG day!  LOVE compelled us to get this work done.  WE desire deeply to minister to our neighbors in need in order to share with them the LOVE OF CHRIST they so desperately need in their lives.  PRAY for Spiritual a harvest to begin!


Love also compels us as we continue to see huge opposition and spiritual attack as we reach into our Aaron’s family clan in Makia.  IT has been a continual battle to get a church started in that very needy area.  It is very “religious” as it is a huge stronghold of the Seventh Day Adventists there.  The church teaches that Sunday worshippers are part of the Anti Christ.  They also openly proclaim that mere baptism and membership in their congregations will ensure eternal life.  Free GIVE is NOT a part of the picture they proclaim.  Our bold message of Salvation through CHRIST ALONE is not only threatening to them, but they are trying both openly and covertly to get rid of our church outreach in their community.  We really feel like the early church as they proclaimed CHRIST and found opposition so strongly against them by the “spiritual leaders” of the day.  As we have prayed for opportunities to love on and minister to them, GOD has truly heard and answered.  TODAY their pastor made it a point to mandate they all come to “clean the road” and side of the road near where our church was meeting.  Instead of complaining or asking them to please work on another day, so they would not disturb our Sunday worship, BILL went out and bought TONS of COLD COKES to give to the workers.  He told them GOD loves them and so do we.  THE sun was so hot and they were tired and thirsty.  A cup of cold water….well with a little sweet bubbly kick to it….in HIS NAME!!  Pray for open doors and open hearts.  Aaron’s biological uncle came to know JESUS today!  One by ONE!   Another Bena warrior turned SOLDER OF CHRIST!!  PRAY ON!!

Many have asked about how daddy is doing.  He is loving life in PNG!  Physically he is doing great.  Being here in “my turf” I can care for his needs even more completely than possible in the USA.  HE is feeling great and adjusting well.  Everyone is loving on him and pampering him…..all that he deserves!!  Please continue to pray for his well being…..GOD is answering with great blessing the prayers of His people.


Excitement is IN THE AIR.  WE are gearing up for the annual Baptist Ladies Conference being held right here in our own area at Praise Baptist Church (right down the road from us and located in the area where our sweet Amo was born.)JULY 8-12.   Lori has been honored by them asking for her to be their guest speaker.  WE will also be blessed to share our home in housing all the other speakers so we will have a FULL HOUSE with all LORI’S sisters in the faith fellowshipping in a great big sleepover for mamas!!  Can’t wait.  (Bill and AMO will be in the Philippines, so they will “miss” the fun 😊)


 To help support the meeting

      *IF  YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPONSOR SOME LADIES TO BE ABLE TO ATTEND THIS WEEK OF  BIBLE TEACHING AND FELLOWSHIP… it costs $10 per woman to be fed physically and Spiritually ALL WEEK.  We would love to help as many ladies as possible to come

  *Please pray for a good group to attend.  This is the area that our clinic reaches out to, so pray that the relationship Lori has with our community will be a big impact in drawing these ladies to come and HEAR the Gospel message.
  *PRAY  for good weather and adequate food and a great spirit of unity and joy


Bill and mo will be leaving this week for the Large National PABWE (Philippines ABWE) Missions Congress in the Philippines.  Bill, along with our National partners, Jack and Dorothy will be speaking in multiple venues as well as in the huge conference.  WE are trying to make contact for possible ABWE and GBBC coworkers to be recruited that week.  WE also area looking at possible Christian College options there for our son, Amo.  Please pray for GOD to richly bless this week of ministry opportunities for Bill and Amo.


WE are seeking to get things lined up for the pre-approved customs acceptance of the container we lovingly call our Mercy Ship.  Please pray for the endless paperwork and the needed approvals for us to be able to get our goods for the clinic and the college duty free.  That would save thousands of dollars if GOD would work in the hearts of those needing to give that approval.  PRAY.  Pray for safety, speed, simple customs and transfer and successful delivery to Goroka the first week of August!!  GOD is able!


Your prayers and partnership are so very appreciated.  LOVE compels us to continue to reach out to the dear ones around us.  May our light so shine before them that they see our good works (and love!) and glorify our Father in Heaven!


No Reserves.  No retreats.  No regrets!!  Fearless.  Faithful.  Expectant of great things!


Bill, Lori and the boys, Dad and baby Andrew!       

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