Harvest Time
Nov 3,2019
The calendar page is now turned. OCTOBER is officially history now as November begins. 
Being a Minnesota girl at heart with farm genes  that go back decades in my family tree, there is something so very exciting in the smell of the Fall leaves and the crisp air of the frosts. It’s harvest time. 
Months and months of preparation go into harvest. Preparing the soil. Planting and watering and nurturing the growing seeds. Agonizing through the threatening storms. Rejoicing in sunny days and rainy nights. 
Harvest is the apex. But it is a long fought journey to get there. 
In our ministry, we are beginning to reach a point of initial harvest. For almost three decades we have prepared soil in hearts and lives. We have planted the precious Seed of the Gospel of Truth. We have nurtured and discipled, agonizing through storms of trials and rejoicing through moments of Victories. 
We are beginning to see a huge explosion of God opening doors we never even hoped to dream were possible. Much agonizing prayer, labor and support have gone into what we now see as sprouting grain become mature. 
As is true in farming though.... the work of harvest is massive. Maybe even the most intensive part of the whole process. Once picked , the crop must be processed and preserved. Simply harvested and left in the field the crop would be truly wasted. 
It would be easy for People to see missionaries in the later years of ministry as less exciting, perhaps. Young and excited new aspiring missionaries with exciting new ministries or new exciting ministry outreaches so easily capture our full attention. Our ministries are no longer new adventures to lure eager prayer supporters into the loop if all that is happening. Many have prayed for decades for what we do. 
But the hardest work is yet before us. As God explodes opportunities and brings to fruition so much decades of prayer have pleaded for.... we need to MOVE!!!!! We are NOT NEARLY FINISHED
We so appreciate the many faithful partners God has given us. Please don’t forget.... dont get weary in fervency..... the best is still YET TO COME!!!  The Harvest time is soon approaching. Lord of the Harvest...go before us!!!  The frost is in the air and our hearts are bursting with eager anticipation!!! 
We are busy sowing PREPARING TO REAP:
-Andrew (click on his name to watch a video) has now been transitioned home. We celebrated his life... and the resulting NEW LIFE IN CHRIST of his parents on Monday with a mumu feast. He left us that night. The ache is so real , but God had a surprise gift( actually two!!). He sent us Grace and Atuwainimo to fill some of the huge void Andrew left. 
Grace comes from the deep remote bush area near Lusilo Baptist Church. Her mom was very very sick. Trying to seek help these past months from the local witch doctors, her lower legs are now stone hard with massive open , foul smelling venous ulcerations from her feet to her calves to her knees. She may need amputation. So weak and sick , our princess was born at least a month early we think ( no prenatal care🙄). No milk and preemie too is not a good combination, but in the horrible Tb infested dysentery ridden medical ward of our hospital is just death waiting to happen for her. So she is now in our care while mom battles for her life. Pray for Sonofito and her husband Lek. They have three children in the village needin mommy , too. Mostly they need Jesus!!
Atuwainumi ( means little black tree kangaroo❤️) is Ivons baby. We prayed for him when he was three weeks over due. His mommy with raging high blood pressure was not able to have induced labor. We had to wait for the hospital to do a csection. When he was born we rejoiced but mom has not improved. Raging sensation of heat and racing heart beat with pounding head Continue. I think she may be having hyperthyroidism with thyroid storms, a rare but dangerous complication in pregnancy and afterwards.  The Doctors are not investigating that theory as the just treat her with the same meds that are NOT bringing relief. She is in the same ward as sonifito. So we have our sweet chubby “ tree kangaroo” til mommy gets discharged. She and her husband Seth need Jesus. We have visited her, given her a Bible and prayed and prayed....and God has given us a little cubby baby boy shaped key we hope will open her heart to Jesus. 
Safa is now big brother.😊. He’s thriving. Keep praying for his daddy David to be saved and for Esta to grow in her new LIFE in Christ. 
We will be seeking to plant seeds of a church to be started in Kapagu this week. Remote people held bondage by sorcery and fighting, these dear ones NEED FREEDOM only god can give. PLEASE PRAY for a break in the heavy rains this week so we can walk into this area and have enough dry weather to run a mobile clinic!!  Please PRAY for souls to come to Christ!!  
these roads are a mess look what we need to do to get there!!!!!!!
 (click on picture for video)
We have our last week of teaching this term. For the first time in our three decades there will be no graduation this month.Students  now follow the Png structure and will have internships and practicals then graduate in March. Pray for our students to finish well and then to be used as prepared tools and shining lights all over Png. 
Our clinic continues to reach out sharing seeds of the Gospel. We treated over 3000 cases last month. That’s a lot of medicine!!!  But we saw God grow His kingdom with five that outwardly professed Christ. Many are touched and seeds of Truth planted daily all week!!  
Timothys graduation was postponed til Nov 14. Pray God sustains his sick mommy, Ruth, as they wait for him to come home. 
We labor strong as the opportunity of “ day light “ shortens. Lord of the Harvest please bless and send forth laborers and edify the harvest laborers already sweating hard to complete YOUR work of the Harvest that we ALL may celebrate with an ETERNAL THANKSGIVING!!  
Your prayer and support are the bonds that bind around our hearts and uphold us as we labor!!  
No restraint. No retreat. NO REGRETS. FEARLESS FAITHFUL AND Friutful in harvest as GOD PROVIDED!!
Bill, Lori, the boys ,a little rose bud, Grace , and a happy Daddy thriving in a house FULL OF FUN

To help support the Clinic - medical evangelism (read below about many ways you help make a difference) (to run a mobile clinic it is about $3000 per time- next mobile CLINIC  Nov 8 2019 

IMPORTANT NEED:   Pray for Christmas youth camp meeting planned for the Bena churches (like last year) It will cost about  $5000 to run it plus provide camp for youth to attend GBBC camp.  We saw growth in all of our churches this year.  Praying for MORE!

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