In the midst of Suffering

To help support the Clinic - medical evangelism (read below about many ways you help make a difference) (mobile clinic  &  replace ambulance)  Aug 30 is mobile clinic  need about  $2000 for this

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In the Midst of Suffering.



“The school of suffering graduates exceptional scholars”


I read this week that “great faith is exhibited not so much in doing as in suffering”  Charles Parkhurst .  How true.  To have a sympathetic GOD we had to have a suffering Savior.  True sympathy comes from truly understanding a persons hurt as we have also suffered that same affliction.  There are no wasted steps in the Christian life….no wasted hurts or pains or trials.  Each difficulty in life has purpose both for us as well as for our ability to help others also hurting.  Pain we have carried makes us more prepared and enabled to help those also hurting. 


I had the painful experience of telling a dear friend of mine that I fear she has advanced breast cancer this week.  The pain and fear of all that she would face just gripped my heart in a vice grip of agony.  Having traveled the road of that diagnosis and felt the pain of the surgical removal of the cancer…and both breasts….and now facing the daily regiment of anti cancer medication in effort to prevent further regrow of cancer in my body, the reality of all she may be facing is pretty fresh still in my heart.  I was so marvelously spared from having an advanced mass , in that my cancer was found by surprise…..truly it was just highlighted and made evident by our loving GOD protecting my life….but I know that the same GOD is eager and ready to intervene for my sister, too.  She knows the LORD and HE will be her peace and her comfort as she waits now for the surgical removal  of her tumor and the biopsy….then the results.  Waiting is the worst part….but her heart is at peace.  We have a GOD that holds tomorrow and HE HOLDS OUR LIVES in His FAITHFUL hands.  Your prayers for her are appreciated.  I will not share her name yet as her family may not all know, but GOD knows exactly WHO she is as she is His beloved daughter.  The suffering of HIS Saints.


Our dear sister Ruth has been told that there is no help for her quickly growing chest mass (cancer).  She struggles with each step and each breath.  Our senior surgeon here has estimated she may have a few more months of this earthly pilgrimage unless GOD miraculously intervenes.  WE are praying for that miracle, but reality also insists that we must plan for a healing of a more eternal perspective.  Ruth is content with either.  Her family is hurting, though.  Her son, Timothy is in school and important exams are yet to be taken for this year.  WE have offered for him to come live with us and stay here in school if his parents deside they need to take Ruth home to have time with her family before the LORD may release her from her sick body.  IT is a very difficult decision for them to make.  Timothy is Amo’s friend….just 16.  Amo is hurting for his friend anticipating the real possibility of his mommy dying.  PLEASE pray for this dear family.  PRAY for our ability to minister to them HOWEVER they need us.  We have been providing medicine and food for Ruth.  The thought of her leaving and going so far from the ability to have our comfort care and medicine is hard to accept, to be honest, but we support fully what they as a family need to do. The suffering of HIS Saints.


Every day I see suffering.  Severe illnesses, HIV infection with it’s debilitating end of AIDS (A young mom brought her dying baby this week.  All we could do was cry.  There is NOTHING to save her as the horror of this virus attacks her tiny immune system) , Life threatening infections, babies lost…..suffering.  This week we battled for our precious baby ANDREW as his body was attacked by RSV virus making his breathing so very labored.  All night we snuggled, and rocked and loved on this precious suffering baby who could not understand why his body was hurting and struggling so.  SUFFERING sleep deprivation, I could truly relate to the other many many moms at clinic whose babies also had the same horrible infection as it is just overtaking our community with epidemic proportion.  WE all are desperate to keep our babies OUT of the hospital as many many babies have died these past weeks and the numbers continue to just skyrocket. 


                                                “Strange and difficult

we may find it,

BUT the blessing that we need

Is behind it.”




We ordered our BRAND NEW Ambulance Vehicle this week.  It should be brought up to the Highlands (they can not keep vehicles up here due to law and order issues , sadly) IN a week and half we have been told.  IN the mean time it is very difficult as we are finding many HIV positive people in our community….and letting bleeding people in the car my precious boys go to school in is just not an option!!  PRAY our blessing comes quickly and we can get the NEW ambulance on the road and working!!  Before the accident…GOD knew and provided.  NOW we just stand amazed in HIS PROVISION.  (WE should put on the ambulance, “donated by GOD”!!)  MAY GOD BE GLORIFIED!!



We still await the release of our container from customs/duty.  The paperwork is filed….waiting to be looked at…..despite the recent medical emergency in Goroka, and the needed supplies INSIDE the container…..there still is just NO motivation to get things processed expediently, so we wait.  PLEASE PRAY FOR GOD TO MOVE HEARTS and provide for exemption from Duty on the medical and GBBC supplies.  BUT we know it is here and safely parked in the shippers yard where there are no daily warf fees.  BLESSINGS amidst the delays.


A great blessing from pure tragedy was celebrated by our family this week.  Our son Aaron came to us because of a great loss 11 years ago.  I had treated his 23 year old mommy in January after she lost her 7th pregnancy while she was still breast feeing her infant daughter Deliahla.  I pleaded with her to PLEASE space her pregnancy.  Her body was getting tired.  I never saw her again after the few days I took care of her day and night at my clinic…showing and sharing JESUS with her.  The next time I heard her name was when my clinic worker came to report eight months later that she saw HER in the MORGUE!!  When we went to the village to find out WHAT HAPPENED….they told us she had a baby  in the village and bleed too much.  She had spent three days alone in the hospital while her precious premie baby lay alone in the newborn “intensive care” nursery.  She never got blood…she DIED from ANEMIA.  So sad…so preventable….her 7  living children left with out a mommy.  Her one son given to her family for compsensation.  A family broken.  I will never forget going into the nursery to check on her baby.  NONE of the family had seen him or checked on him yet.  HE was alone….unwanted….forgotten.  I touched his head and those BIG ROUND BROWN EYES locked with mine…..God spoke through HiS Spirit to my heart… he was MINE.  MY son.  IT was a wild ride through the endless approvals, court procedings and red tape…….but HE IS OURS!!  My precious gift of Aaron… a blessing beyond words… now 11.  Every birthday I cry for his young mommy that gave her life for my blessing I now hold in MY arms.  Her suffering….my blessing.  I hugged his daddy this week.  He was sick at the clinic.  I thanked him for the gift of Aaron.  He thanked me for the gift of Aaron’s life WE have given to Aaron.  His bio daddy now knows Jesus and his village now has a growing church plant…..BLESSINGS!



I sent a reminder to my son, Solomon and his precious wife Becky, this week that their suffering will truly be a gift of help to someone also hurting needing their help to walk through the trial of loss of their baby.  Now they are trudging through the hurt and agony of loss and grief.  As they learn of GOD’s faithfulness , they also will share that with someone down the road.  SUFFERING is purposefuly….to make us an even more sympathetic and compassionate tool.  May we be willing….like the Savior….to take the cup given and drink deeply in faith for HIS glory!



No restraint.  No retreat. NOT ONE SINGLE REGRET!!!!  Fearless.  Faithful.


Bill, Lori, the boys, Dad and Andrew and Vito             


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