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Aug 2 2019

To help support the Clinic - medical evangelism (read below about many ways you help make a difference) 

To help support CHURCH PLANTING & Discipleship

MERCY SHIP   40 Foot Container 
Please be in urgent fervent prayer as the Mercy Ship , our 40foot container of God’s gracious blessings, reaches our PNG coastline TOMORROW  The ship is due to port at 9 pm Saturday. BILL has done countless documents and filed endless emails and papers to get clearance and to request tax and customs exception on the college and clinic things since both are donations directly for the people of PNG’ s benefit. We have done all we can but our hope and trust for approval and speed of clearance for the container is in God’s hands alone. We are asking for specific prayer for this huge need. 
God is able as we utilize the power of prayer as He instructed. By faith we will see victory in these needs😊. 


1.  MANY Babies  are getting ROTAVIRUS and some are Dying.   We are trying to find  Vaccines in the country that we can purchase to help  babies avoid this.  In many countries this vaccine is normally given   NOT HERE!  PRAY we can find some and have the funds to buy them.   PRAY GOD will give the FUNDS and the place to purchase as many as possible 

2.  MOBILE clinic in the Segifa AREA.  New church ground bought in an area of tribal fighting.  Aug 30  (4 weeks from today)  Pray   These clinics cost about  $2000 above the normal cost   PRAY for SOULS  Pray for the resources to do THIS .

Found out today  Our   Work permits and Visas are approved.  With One day to spare !!!  God is good . 
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