Things Ended... Things Begun.

March, 11, 2019



want to help:

It has been a little more emotionally challenging this past week , as we have officially listed our home of 40 years for sale.  I did not anticipate how hard it would be to close the chapter of 170 City View Drive, Rochester NY, in my life.  I was just in ninth grade when our adventure here began.  It was GOD’s amazing leading so evident in every detail then, as it is GOD’s leading evident in every detail now, as we sell and move daddy to PNG with us.  It is the between the leading ….the saying GOOD BYE to so much , so many memories, and so much of my mama...that is rendering my heart.   The physical exhaustion has kicked in with getting the house cleaned OUT and cleaned UP and KEPT clean now with showings multiple times daily requiring more cleaning and sparkling up the house. IT is A challenge of finding ways to maintain consistent home schooling of Aaron amidst all the craziness of our current “up for sale and on the market” lifestyle. Needing to have creative meal planning and just figuring out how to do normal laundry and living all the while keeping the “nobody lives here” look our relator wants is a challenge, too.  The greatest challenge, though, is thinking about OTHER PEOPLE that will LIVE HERE….in OUR home.  We will need to say good bye to our neighbors and friends.  We will need to hold in our hearts only the memories of my mama in the kitchen or ironing in the bedroom while watching LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRARIE on the little TV in there (her two favorite places and things to do). I can still feel her presence here, and I love that.  I will miss that so much!  This is the only USA home my kids have ever known….our home away from home.  IT too will be gone for them.  We will no longer have a “place” to call home in the USA.  WE will be like other missionaries…ha! 


WOW, that is sad.  IT even has me crying!  HA! Get the tissues! 


But with the END there is also a beginning.  This week my Children’s church lesson I was preparing to teach was all about HOPE!  THE message of HOPE God gave Malachi to share with the Children of Israel before the 400 years of silence….the cliff hanger of WORLD HISTORY, so to say.    That 400 year period of silence, with no profet of GOD, became an incredible intermission before the FINAL and most AMAZING part of the drama unfolded.  The messiah would come, and a messenger , John, with the spirit and power of Elijah would prepare the way!  GOD said it…and it happened.  Just like the rest of the amazing story continues to unfold in God’s amazing timetable of history today.  The end of the Old Covenant and the beginning of the NEW COVENANT so punctuated and beautified by GRACE and MERCY.   


Our NEW story is unfolding too!  As you pray, the building materials for daddy’s new, perfectly suited for his physical challenges and needs apartment,   are purchased and building will soon begin.  PRAY for good weather, no injuries and , as common when you are working on modifying an older building….NO Complications as they build.  Bill and our field team have worked hard and continue to do so in preparing for my daddy to live with me.  I am humbled and blessed by this amazing plan.


We have xrays and blood test and soon the police clearance will be done.  The passport is in hand and as soon as things are all finalized, we can submit his application for the PNG VISA.  Please pray for no complications or delays in this process. Bill will be in the CAPTIAL of PNG, Port Moresby, all next week getting our team’s work structure and other team business done, and hopefully he can start the ball rolling for daddy as well.  PRAY.  


The house is finally listed and we need prayer that the RIGHT PERSON, at the RIGHT TIME for the RIGHT PRICE, will buy the house.  Timing is crucial as we will be here in NY until at least mid-May waiting for Bill to recoop from his eye surgeries.  WE are listed under Howard Hannah Realty and they have a web site if you want to have a visual look through of what we are selling and how much we are asking GOD to provide for my dad.  Any help passing on the information is appreciated. Please bathe this endeavor in prayer.


Some doors we think are closed may creak open a time or two, though.  This past week I found a small soft mass in my right chest/ underarm area.  WE praise GOD that I am here finding this, not at home in PNG!  Cancer will always be a skeleton in the closet of my life.  As we reminded our children, and ourselves!, GOD holds the key to that door. I will be meeting with my breast surgeon on Tuesday at 1pm and we will see if there is a cause for action, like and ultrasound or biopsy or aspiration.  We continue to have total peace, as we walk this journey boldly and openly seeking prayer.  WE so appreciate your partnership in this journey, too.  PRAY that the mass is nothing to be concerned about….but if it is something of concern pray GOD makes that clear as well.  We trust HIS perfect plan and HIS outcome! 


Closed doors that hurt, cracked open doors that concern, and OPEN NEW doors of HOPE and Excitement….thankful that JESUS, the ONLY DOOR has gone before ALL and we trust HIS plan and timing for all.


Please pray:

*For the RIGHT PERSON, RIGHT TIME and RIGHT PRICE for my daddies house sale. Pray for all the MANY “ducks” that must be in order for Daddy’s transition to PNG to live with us!  We are so excited to share our lives with him and care for him!!   

*For Bill and AMO as they have this last week in GOROKA before a week in Port Moresby.  PRAY for the many details of building daddy’s home and just the needs left when he leaves our ministries, and GBBC.  Pray for AMO as he will be once more uprooted from his friends and with schooling.

*For Aaron and his schooling needs amidst the crazy lifestyle of selling and showing a home.  PRAY for wisdom and for the TIME and consistency we need. Pray for his (and AMO’s) learning struggles to be victoriously overcome by God’s amazing grace!!

*For Lori and Aaron as they make plans to travel to Bill’s Aunt’s funeral this week in the Altoona , PA area.  PRAY for clear weather and for safety. Pray we can be a blessing to our family there who hurt along with us as Heaven grows sweeter and sweeter!!

*For another opportunity to share Jesus with Lori’s breast surgeon.  PRAY ,as always, for GOD to prevent any cancer regrowth and for a good outcome of the exam Tuesday at 1 pm.





Bill and Amo in PNG.  Aaron, Lori and Dad in the USA.

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